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I read every day – I have conversations with my children, co workers and Friends – I see change happening – it makes me feel hopeful and helpless at the same time.  I have learned so much from my children, their acceptance of everyone and their willingness to stand up for what is right.  I am having those hard conversations with others and with myself.

My brother who is in the military told me about a coworker who is black and he asked her if she feels there is racism in the military – she gave a few examples.  How the uniform rules affect her beautiful hair and how affirmative action really works.  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE JUST HANDED THE JOB – YOU HAVE THE SAME SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS, DEGREES & WORK EXPERIENCE AS THE OTHER CANDIDATE – IT IS BASICALLY THE TIE BREAKER FOR EQUALLY QUALIFIED CANDIDATES!  They are not less deserving or given anything – They worked, in many cases harder than the candidate they are up against – So stop giving the elbow nudge and trying to feel better about yourself because someone else equally deserving beat you out.

If you can add to this, please do so in the comments – I am eager to learn and understand.

This post seems like a perfect opportunity to again promote the United Negro College Fund.  Please think about giving.  GIVE HERE!

College tuition hikes and decreasing financial aid have caused more and more students to apply to UNCF for assistance each year.

However, they can only support one out of every 10 students who applies. Therefore, nine out of 10 deserving, ambitious students have to be told “no.” Why? Because they do not have sufficient funds. These students are our future health professionals, social workers, teachers, government policy makers, and military men and women—they are the future prosperity of our nation. We must do more. And with your help they can.


Greekgear + GreekU will continue to donate to the UNCF – We want to continue to become a part of the solution.

Greek Chic: Graduation Apparel

Congrats college seniors, you have officially made it to the home stretch! There are only a few weeks left until graduation! This is the moment you have been waiting for since the first day of freshmen year, and it is finally almost here. Greek Gear is here to make sure you have everything you will need to garnish your graduation day look, from stoles to necklaces and beyond. Here are a few of our graduation gear faves!

  1. Sashes: Design your own Greek Graduation Sash! Each stole is made of bridal satin and measures 5” width & 60” length. They come in your choice of colors: Available in black, white, light gray, pink, salmon pink, red, maroon, purple, gold, navy blue, royal blue and hunter green. So many choices! Design yours HERE!

DYO Stole (1)

  1. Lavaliere: Our Premier Lavalieres are silver pendants with your choice of sorority letters. These elegant necklaces are the perfect accessory for your graduation gown and a beautifully subtle way to represent your sorority on your big day! Pick yours out HEREGrad 1
  2. Bangle bracelet: These trendy bangle bracelets with raised letters feature your group’s color surrounding the letters in beautiful enamel. The bangle can be bent slightly for a custom fit. Created with your organization in mind, this one of a kind piece can be worn at casual or more formal settings…AKA graduation and beyond! Grab one HEREGrad 2
  3. Wood picture frame: This great new sorority picture frame is made of wood and holds a 4″ x 6″ picture. Customize the engraving to help capture your special day! Pick yours out HEREGrad 3

Congrats to all of our graduates! Head over to for all of your graduation and post-graduation Greek apparel needs.

– The Greek Gear Team

On-Campus Jobs that Prepare you for the Future

In college, it is important to devote some of your time to getting ahead in your career. Internships are great, but it is hard for a lot of college students to devote time to an unpaid internship with all of the financial burdens they have to bear. Fortunately, on-campus jobs can be a great addition to your resume and can give you the hands-on experience you need plus a little cash in your pocket! Plus, on-campus jobs are a great way to get involved at your school and are awesome networking opportunities. Here are a few ideas on how to get the most out of the job opportunities your college offers!

Tutor students

Tutoring other students shows great leadership and communication skills. It also takes a lot of patience and requires you to know the subject you are tutoring forwards and backwards. If you are good at math, tutor other students in math! Great at English? Proofread other students’ research papers! Not only does this look great on a resume, but you get a great sense of accomplishment from helping others succeed! I am forever grateful to the math tutor who helped me crawl my way through calculus.

Tweet for your collegedownload (1)
Paid to Tweet? For real? Sign me up! Be a Twitter ambassador for your school. This will boost your knowledge of social media and give you a leg up in the marketing/business world! Virtually every university has a Twitter page, not to mention the numerous separate accounts for their sports teams and clubs. Twitter pages require constant maintenance to keep them up to date and accurate.

 Assist a professor

You know who writes great job recommendations? Professors. Is your major Biology? Work in the bio lab or assist a Biology professor. If you are planning on being a teacher, what a great way to get hands-on experience in your field!

 Become a brand ambassador.

A lot of brands offer programs where you get paid to be a brand ambassador to create awareness for their product. When you are beefing up your resume, this is a great addition! Companies will be impressed that you have done social media marketing for well-known companies.
It is always important to keep your future in mind, and what better way to prepare for that future than to get a job that prepares you for it! Happy job hunting,

The Greek Gear Team

Greek Chic: Fall Fashions from Greek Gear

Colder weather means that you need warmer Greek apparel! We have just what you need to rep your letters all season long while still staying warm and cozy. Here are our top 3 must-have fall items from Greek Gear!

  1. Custom twill long tee: We love these long sleeved tees! You can choose the shirt color, letter color, and even a pattern for the twill- truly making this your very own custom Greek lettered tee! These tees are super preppy and classy. Pair this lovely long-sleeved tee with leggings and boots and you have a cute, comfy ensemble for fall!gamma phi beta
  2. Custom twill crewneck sweatshirt: These sweatshirts are totally in right now. Just like the long sleeved tee, these crewnecks come in a variety of colors and the letters are customizable. Do you love sparkels? Animal print? Chevron? We have all of these patterns of twill and SO many more, which means that you can rock your letters in style. These sweet sweatshirts are perfect attire for any group events that your sorority will be hosting this fall/winter season.zeta tau alpha
  3. Anorak: Come prepared with our Fraternity & Sorority Greek Patch Anorak. This classy anorak is lightweight and packs into its pouch, making It easy to tote around with you so it is there right when you need it! This classy jacket is lined with flannel and it is waterproof, making it the perfect campus accessory on those cold, rainy, windy fall days. It even has a nice insulated front pocket to help keep your hands warm or to store your phone or keys for easy access! This jacket really is the perfect way to both represent your sorority AND survive those long chilly walks to class this cold weather season!delta zetaWhat are you waiting for? Head to for the latest fall fashions and everything Greek!The Greek Gear team

Help! It’s Time to Choose a Big!

So you’ve joined a sorority. Good for you! You have just joined a sisterhood that will change your life. Now that you are a member, it is time to choose your Big. What does that even mean? What does that entail? How in the world do I choose? Here’s the skinny:

In a sorority, your Big is an upperclassman member of the chapter that will be your confidon, go-to girl, and pro advice-giver. Preferably, this sorority member should be one that you look up to and feel totally comfortable with. She will be your mentor through your “newbie” stage of being a member of a sorority and will share a special bond with you even after college. Think of these things when choosing a Big.b80ec82135ac99520a62bce9ccda92f1

  1. Who do you see as someone who could be your mentor as an initiated member?
  2. Who do you want to share special moments with throughout your college experience?
  3. In your chapter, who do you look up to?
  4. Is there a member that has an officer position that you think you would like to have one day?
  5. Is this woman a person who is only fun on the weekends or is she someone who is consistent and accountable to put you in your place if you start to slip?

These are all great attributes to look for in your future Big. You want someone who will support you and lead you. Your Big will be someone that will encourage you in both your sorority and your schooling as well as your career.

No matter who your Big ends up being, value the relationship and appreciate the new bond. You were put together for a reason! Getting a Big is an exciting time, so cherish every member of this new experience!


The Greek Gear Team


Top 4 Proven Ways to Get Hired

To all of our college graduates, getting hired is probably a top priority, is it not? Don’t you wish there was a job fairy that would go out into the world and “bibbity bobbity boop” you into your dream job? Although we are no fairy god mother, we have the next best alternative! Here is a list of the top 4 proven ways to get hired.


  1. Clean up your social media: Any time you are applying for a job or even an internship, you want to clean up your social media. What are some things you want to remove from your profile? Any foul language, photos of you partying or drinking, photos of you gambling, scantily dressed selfies, that sort of content. Before interviewing you or after reviewing your resume, some employers will Google search you. When they search you your social media profiles will pop up, and some potential employers will even scroll through your profile to see for themselves if you are responsible and mature enough to work at their company. One moral of the story is to think twice before posting anything on social media, because you never know who will view it 6a00d834520c6f69e20133f2609640970bat any point in time!
  2. Fine tune your resume: The first thing hiring managers see is your resume. First impressions are crucial. The saying is true, employers typically spend less than a minute looking at your resume unless it catches their attention. One tip is to make your resume generic and not make it tailored to a specific job. Another very important tip is to check your grammar and spelling! Also, leave reliable references! You should also keep the resume 2 pages long or shorter, because short sweet and to the point is the way to go! And finally, use a professional email address. Having an address like will not get you taken very seriously.
  3. Follow up after you send in your resume: Unless the ad says not to call, a good recommendation is to follow-up wither later the same day you sent the resume or the next day to make sure it arrived and landed in the right hands. Following up will also get your resume to the top of the stack!
  4. Rock the interview!


It’s a tough world out there, but with these tips you will be able to land your dream job!

Good luck out there.


The Greek Gear Team

Greek Life: Famous Women Who Were in Sororities

Did you know that according to USA today, all but three US Presidents since 1825 have been members of a fraternity? Also, 85% of Fortune 500 executives were involved in Greek life. How about the females in sororities? Lets see, the first female astronaut was in a sorority, the first female senator, and, most importantly, Elle Woods! I had no idea so many famous women got their start in sororities! Here are a few more leading ladies that got their starts in Greek life and went on to do great things.

Katie Couric

Katie was a member of Delta Delta Delta at the University of Virginia. All you Tri-Delts out there, you are in good company!Katie_Couric_a_p

Condoleeza Rice

Condoleeza joined the Alpha Chi Omega sorority while she was a piano/poli sci major. This worked perfectly for her because Alpha Chi was a sorority with musical origins.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade went to Arizona State University where she majored in journalism. Spade was an Omega member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. I personally LOVE anything Kate Spade! Totally adorable.


Sara Blakely

You may not know this name right off the bat, but you will be singing her praises when I tell you who she is. She is the creator of Spanx! The world’s best way to suck it all in when you need to well, suck it all in! She is the youngest woman to be on the cover of Forbes’ Billionaire list and was a member of Delta Delta Delta at Florida State University.


We hope you have learned more about some of the leading ladies who got their start in sororities! They are such an inspiration.


The Greek Gear Team

How to List Your Sorority on Your Resume When Job Searching

Have you been looking for a new job and finding it a challenge to sell yourself to potential recruiters? You may be surprised to learn just how valuable it can be to include information about the time you spent in a sorority on your resume, or even to talk about it at a job interview. You never know where there might be a connection between you and someone browsing your CV. 

Highlight What You Learned as a Sorority Member

Some people think that Greek life is all about partying and having a good time. But it is also about developing relationships and friendships that will probably last a lifetime. Take the time to think about what you learned as a member of a Greek organization so that you can possibly list it on your resume or talk about it in an interview. Things to think about:

–       Did you learn how to throw charitable events and raise funds?

–       How did you go about organizing sorority recruitment activities each semester?

–       Were you the manager of your chapter’s social media accounts?

Did You Hold any Positions in Your Chapter?

Being the president of a Greek organization certainly is no Cakewalk. You are responsible for attending local, regional, state, and national meetings. You are the representative for your organization. You must assign roles and responsibilities to various members of the chapter. All while attending college full-time! No small feat.

The treasurer must manage a large sorority budget and ensure that the chapter is financially resilient. That is an ideal experience to list if you’re seeking a financial position.

Regardless of the position you may have held, there’s certainly something you can talk about on a resume when you mention your sorority to let the hiring manager know that you are familiar with how to be professional and responsible as well as philanthropic. 

Look at the Interviewer or Recruiter’s Background – Are They in a Sorority or Fraternity?

Would the hiring manager or recruiter have an interest in knowing that you were a part of a Greek organization? You might want to glance at their profile on LinkedIn to see if they have listed a fraternity or sorority. You might develop a camaraderie based on your shared experiences. Yet also, keep in mind that you never know if someone might have a dislike of Greek college culture for one reason or another. Use your best judgment.

Examples of how you might mention your sorority membership on your resume, depending on the space you have:

Delta Delta Delta; President from 2003-2005

Alpha Kappa Alpha, 2003-2005. Represented the chapter at state and national functions and brought meetings to order. 

Sigma Kappa, 2003-2005. As social chair, organized recruitment activities and charitable functions for a chapter of 35 women.

If you have more room on your resume (common when you’re still in college and seeking an internship), you might list bullet points of your experience as a member, just as you would any other job:

Alpha Delta Pi, Finance Coordinator, May 2019 to Present

–       Managed a budget of over $150,000

–       Kept chapter up to date regarding financial concerns at meetings.

–       Prepared regular financial reports for president and vice president of the chapter.

When you’re looking for a new position, anything you can put on your resume to let recruiters know about your character and skill set is relevant. That includes your sorority affiliation. Happy job hunting! is your source for sorority gifts, merchandise, and even stylish Greek blazers that you can wear to interviews. Browse our latest selection of items today.

Sorority Big Little Reveal Gift Basket Ideas

The big little reveal is a pretty big deal in sorority life. It is the moment when you are paired with a little sister to help guide her through the process of becoming a member and navigating Greek life in college.

It’s also a time when you shower your little sister with loads of special sorority gifts, so why not just make a basket? When you have your big little reveal event it should really be special and fun for everyone. Explore these easy and thoughtful sorority big little reveal gift basket ideas for your upcoming recruitment season.

Sorority Tee Basket

One sorority t-shirt is never enough—especially considering all the things you and your new lil sis will be doing together. Community service, parties, date nights, lunches at the dining hall on campus, beach days, and social mixers. You want everyone to know that she is one of the newest (and cutest) members of your organization. Give her a basket of sorority t-shirts in various designs and colors.

Snack Attack

What college kid doesn’t absolutely love snacks? They get you through late night study sessions and time spent in boring mass lectures. Give large baskets full of mini snack bags for your big/little reveal party, or just sometime during reveal week. Chips, cookies, chocolate bars, chewing gum, and bags of candy. They will love you for it! You might also add a few gifts cards to your local pizza or sandwich shop. Be sure to include a lettered sorority mug in your basket for their hot cocoa.

Home Décor Sorority Gift Basket

As you know, sorority members love to decorate their rooms in their colors, symbols, and images as soon as they join. It’s sort of like a rite of passage. Fill a basket with sorority-themed home décor, including a sign or flag, afghan, custom paddle, refrigerator magnets, and a custom engraved picture frame containing your latest photo together.

Shower Caddy Basket

One thing that every college student needs is a shower caddy and bathroom supplies. One idea for a big little reveal basket is a shower caddy basket. Fill it with the following items:

  • Sorority flip flops (because we all know how vitally important those are in dorm showers that are used by dozens of other people).
  • Slippers to warm up her toes when she’s shuffling around her dorm room.
  • Bath towel featuring your sorority letters.
  • A giant plastic sorority cup for her toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

A Bejeweled Mini Basket

One of the first things many ladies will want as a gift after becoming a member is a nice piece of sorority jewelry. Select an array of sorority charms, little sister necklaces, lavalieres (drops), bracelets, or rings featuring your Greek letters. Arrange them in a nice little basket on a small pillow for presentation to your little sis. These are extra special gifts she’ll always remember and probably wear every day on campus.

Funny (Gag) Basket

If you and your little were chosen for each other because of your mutual sense of humor, you might want to put together a gag basket. Think a roll of toilet paper, karaoke microphone, talking baby doll, an empty box, or something that will remind her of an inside joke that only you two share. To add an extra layer of fun, play a game of “treasure hunt” and give her clues about where to find her basket. And of course, later, after a good laugh, you would present her with some real sorority gifts!

Additional items to remember for your big/little reveal baskets:

  • Custom printed sorority balloons
  • Keyrings
  • Notepads
  • Stickers and decals (for home and car)
  • Party favors (like can cozies, pens, and fun sorority glasses)

Get in gear and start working on your gift baskets so that they’ll be ready in time for the big day. So exciting. Don’t forget to get crafty and make it look amazing. is a top site for sorority recruitment and bid day gifts, merchandise, and clothing. Browse our latest selection of items ahead of the upcoming semester at school.

17 Things You Can Do in Your Hometown this Summer

You have just completed a grueling spring semester full of long lectures, lengthy textbooks, 15-page long writing assignments, final exams, and fraternity and sorority recruitment activities on top of everything. Now, the time has come to head home for the summer. But what will you do once you get there besides Netflixing or playing video games all day? Think about these 17 things you can do in your hometown this summer as you await your much-anticipated return to campus in the fall.

1. Be an Example for the Kids at Your High School

One of the first stops you’re probably going to make when you get home is to your old high school. Take a moment to visit your school’s principal or favorite high school teacher and see if there are any enrichment programs where you can help kids for the summer. There’s a good chance that they will want to know about your college experience, and what it was like becoming a member of your sorority or fraternity. A lot of elementary and high schools host events for young students, even during the summer, where college students and graduates come to back to talk to younger students.

2. Reconnect with Your Best Buds

There’s no way you can go back home for the summer and not reconnect with some of your friends, whether they have stayed in town or they are coming back into town from college.  

3. Help Your Parents Fix Things Around the House

Let’s face it, your parents are getting older and they may be less motivated to do necessary things around the house. Use a portion of your summer to help Mom or Dad do repairs, or at least contact contractors to get things done.

4. Take a Tour of Your Hometown and Reminisce

Do you remember the old haunts you and your friends used to visit when you were in high school? Take a drive one day and revisit them. After all, this is the place that helped mold you into the person you are today.

5. Volunteer at Home

One of the tenets of a lot of sororities and fraternities is community service. Just because you’re out of school for the moment doesn’t mean you have to put things on pause for the summer. Do a quick Google search to find volunteer opportunities in the zip code near you.

6. Throw a BBQ Party for Friends and Family

It’s summer, so that means party time! This is your moment to load up on food for an outdoor barbecue. Get the grill going, music playing, and take the time to enjoy time with your closest loved ones. Getting together has been more difficult during the pandemic, so focus on having a small party with your close friends and families that you know. To be safe, you might want to wear your sorority or fraternity face mask.

7. Get in Shape Girl, or Boy

Though you may find the time to work out when you are at school, during the summer time there really is no excuse not to put your exercise routine into full gear. Find your local park or trail and walk every day to get your body right and build up your energy before the fall semester. Stay geared up in your Greek joggers, sweatpants, and sorority or fraternity t-shirts.

8. Zoom with Your Sorority Sister and Fraternity Brothers 

After a long summer at home you’re probably going to start missing your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers. Break up that long-distance relationship by zooming with your friends at college. Before you set up the Zoom call, take the time to create games and other fun topics you can talk about.

9. Learn to Cook, Finally

Once you spend a semester or longer at college, you start to appreciate your mom or dad’s home cooking. While you’re at home for the summer, ask them to teach you some of your favorite dishes so that you can make them when you return to the campus in the fall. You might even start to wear a Greek lettered apron when you cook.

10. Hit Up Your Favorite Pool or Beach

Summertime is POOL time, hands down. Go to your favorite local pool while you’re home for the summer. If you live anywhere near a beach, bring some of your favorite people along with you. Those few hours indulging in the sunlight are memorable, refreshing, and will help rejuvenate you in time for the upcoming fall semester. Don’t forget to bring your Greek lettered beach towel and sorority flip flops.

11. Try a New Hairstyle or Look

May or June, after the spring semester is the perfect time to try out a new hairstyle or experiment with your look. Set an appointment with a stylist to explore different ways to wear your hair. And if your hair style doesn’t work out quite how you thought it would, at least you’ll have time to regrow or reshape it to its original style before heading back to campus.

12. Order Up New Greek Gear for Fall and Spring

When you’re home with your parents for the summer, it’s the perfect time to re-up on custom, stylish, and trendy new Greek gear. Your parents will probably be so happy to see you that they’ll finance your entire sorority or fraternity shopping spree.

13. Work a Summer Job and Save Up Some Cash

Working in the summer not only helps occupy your mind and keep you busy, it also allows you to save up some money for school. That way when you return to campus in the fall, you’ll have a little cash stashed away to fund your pizza nights, late night snack runs, and Greek Gear without having to call Mom and Dad.

14. Host a Socially Distanced Movie Night in Your Backyard

Do you have a projector screen or a really large TV? host a little movie night in your yard with close friends and family members. They will not only be glad to see you, but also happy for a chance to get out of the house and eat some popcorn. 

15. Do a Job Search for Internships for an Hour Each Day

If you are in your junior or senior year of college, now is the time for you to spend as much time as you can to look for positions that you might fill successfully. Some may be offering internships that you can start as soon as you return to school. Get ahead of the game.

16. Take a 2 Week “Me” Trip

Some students decide to take a year off school or more so that they can travel and experience life on the road. If that may not be possible for you, you can just take a two-week me trip somewhere you find interesting.

17. Tell Your Loved Ones How Much You Appreciate Them

One of the most important things you can do when you return to your hometown this summer is to let everyone you love know how much you care about them and appreciate them. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to write a handwritten letter to each person and leave it with them before you head back to campus.

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10 Sorority Recruitment Outfits You Need to Add into Your Rotation

Every time potentials see you on campus, you should be dressed appropriately and to impress because how you look is a representation of your sorority. Look at this list of sorority recruitment outfits that you need to add to your rotation. 

For Official Business (Panels and Forums)

Potential recruits will tend to take you more seriously when you are wearing an outfit that makes it clear that you are businesslike and in charge. A sorority blazer featuring your Greek letters is a must-have in your rotation. Wear it with a white collared shirt or sorority polo underneath and a pair of slacks and you’re ready to meet your public.

Bid Day Casual

On bid day, the day when you finally let potential recruits know that they have been chosen as a candidate, you want to look cool, casual, and fun. It’s an exciting moment, and the perfect chance to wear a colorful sorority t-shirt with large Greek letters and a pair of relaxed khaki pants.

Laid Back and Cute When It’s Party Time

When it’s time to party, you want to feel relaxed and look good. Pick up a Greek tank top (preferably in white so that you’ll be noticeable in a dim party room) or a tie dye tee for sorority members, and a pair of boyfriend jeans.

The “Welcome Freshwomen” Barbecue

The welcome back to school BBQ, which is often thrown by sororities to welcome freshmen to campus is the time when you want to wear as much para as possible, especially your letters. You also want to wear something that you will not be angry about staining with barbecue sauce. A simple Greek tee with your sorority letters imprinted on the front is a good choice along with some shorts, skorts, or a cute skirt.

The Sorority Sleepover 

Even something as simple as a sleepover becomes a fashion party when you’re in a sorority. When you host your next sleepover with potential recruits for the semester, you might want to have a few sorority sleepover clothes to choose from. Don’t forget to pick out a pair of matching Greek lettered slippers.

The Tea Party

Some sororities like to hold tea parties with their potential new members as a way to get to know them and ask them questions in a more intimate setting. This is a good time to get dressed up and wear some lovely sorority jewelry, and one of your favorite belted dresses. If possible pick a dress in one or both of your official sorority colors.

Formal or Cocktail Party Gear

It’s difficult to explain the excitement that builds up to a sorority or fraternity formal. You’ll spend time in department stores and shops looking for the perfect party dress and shoes. This is the chance to really dress things up and show how classy and fashionable you are.

What to Wear to the Dining Hall

It’s hard to miss a sorority member in the dining hall when she is wearing a Greek lettered jacket or sorority sweatshirt.  Some jackets come with your Greek letters imprinted on the back in twill letters—you can bet that interests will be curious about what they stand for, and possibly make their way over to your table for a chat.

Dorm Dance or Step Show

Some sorority chapters do impromptu dances, step shows, or displays in the dorms to let everyone know that they are recruiting. Pick from a variety of sorority t-shirt designs in fun colors with your symbols and sayings.

White Dress for Ceremonies

For many sororities, there will come a time when recruits are to be initiated. During many of these initiation ceremonies, it will be necessary for you to have a white dress. Make sure you have one or two in your closet, as well as a pair of white pumps.

Make sure you have these 10 sorority recruitment outfits in your rotation for the upcoming semester so that you’ll always be prepared with something nice to wear.

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Our Go-To Lunch Recipes for College Students

A lot of students skip lunch because they have so much going on during the average day on campus. But in many cases, lunch is the most important meal when you’re in college. It bridges your morning with your evening classes and obligations, especially if you are going to have to spend hours at fraternity and sorority recruitment events. While the most important consideration is that your meals are healthy, you also want them to be quick and easy to make to save time. Here are some of our go to lunch recipes for college students that you can easily prepare at your chapter house or possibly even in your dorm room on campus.

Note: If you can, invest in an air fryer because it will make preparing easy lunches even more of a breeze.

Simple Tuna Melt

Everyone knows how to make tuna salad. A can of tuna, a bit of mayo, maybe some celery or onions (or both), salt and pepper. Turn it into a melt by adding a slice of cheese on top and putting it in the toaster oven or air fryer on a slice of bread or bagel. You can save the leftovers and make another melt in minutes for tomorrow’s lunch.

Pita Pizza

It can be fun to have a pizza night with your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers, where you make a dough from scratch and load it with toppings. But when you’re stopping by your dorm room between classes, you don’t have much time for making a classic pizza. Instead, make a pita pizza.

Get a slice of pita bread (or even a soft tortilla would work) and make a quick pizza for the toaster oven or your air fryer. Add tomato sauce, cheese, and healthy toppings like broccoli, spinach, and mushrooms if you have them. It should take about 15 minutes to make.

Cucumber, Tomato, and Mozzarella Salad

Sometimes you just want something light and healthy to eat for lunch. A cucumber and tomato salad is not only loaded with good stuff to keep you going throughout the day as you head from class to class, it’s also refreshing, delicious and takes minutes to prepare. When you add mozzarella chunks it becomes a fuller meal. Just chop everything up and mix with a spoon.

It’s best to prepare this salad the night before and refrigerate so that all you have to do is scoop some into a bowl, drizzle with your favorite dressing (Italian or Balsamic is the preferred choice), and enjoy it while you catch up on some reading between classes.

Healthy Fries and Guacamole

The fries at your favorite fast food restaurant may be very tasty, but they are loaded with unhealthy ingredients that can make you sluggish, and you need every bit of energy for your school work and Greek life activities. You can make your own healthy fries. Slice a potato into fries or wedges, squeeze out any excess moisture, and spray with olive oil. Put it into the toaster oven or air fryer and cook for about 20-25 minutes on 375 degrees. Meanwhile, make a quick guacamole by mashing up a ripe avocado with salt and lime. If you have an onion add a bit of that too. Once your fries are done dip them in your guacamole for a healthy potassium-packed lunch.

It’s worthwhile to set aside some time to create a weekly list of lunch ideas that you can easily and quickly prepare. A good healthy lunch will help keep your mind sharp as you attend late afternoon lectures and plan fraternity and sorority activities for the semester.

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Our Go-To Dinner Recipes for College Students

The last thing you want to do when you are a busy, overworked, and over stressed college student navigating Greek life is to have to worry about spending a lot of time cooking when you get home after a long day of meetings and social affairs. But it is possible to prepare some very simple recipes that will keep you healthy and not require much effort. Try some of our go to dinner recipes for busy college students and take the time to explore other dinner ideas that won’t require too much effort before you put in a long night of studying or planning your upcoming fraternity or sorority recruitment activities.

Asian Noodles with Chicken or Beef

If you go to the international aisle of your favorite grocery store, such as Whole Foods or your local supermarket you’ll find a variety of sauces that you can use to make noodles. You will also find rice noodles. Grab a bag of your favorite vegetables as well (such as broccoli, scallions, or carrots) and a small package of beef or chicken.

When you get home take a few minutes to slice the meat and save the excess for later in your freezer. Fry the meat in olive oil along with the veggies, then add some water and your rice noodles. Let it cook for a while until the noodles are al dente. Add some of your sauce and mix everything together. Turn off the heat and let it simmer for a little while. You have a delicious meal. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, no need for the meat.

Sausage, Peppers, and Onions in the Oven

Some recipes may sound difficult, but they can be surprisingly easy to make and very delicious when you cook them in the oven. You can make sausage, peppers, and onions in a small baking pan and it will only take about 20 minutes to prepare. Boil the sausage for about 15-20 minutes. Slice everything up, put it in the pan and drizzle with some olive oil. You can cook it in the oven for about 45 minutes while you are doing homework.

Taco Time (Mushrooms or Ground Beef)

It doesn’t have to be Tuesday for it to be taco time. Tacos are not only delicious and easy to prepare, but also fun to make. You don’t have to go all out buying hundreds of ingredients to make tasty tacos, you just need to start with two ingredients. Either ground beef or you can also use chopped mushrooms if you are vegetarian. You also need lots and lots of cheese. You can easily make a really good taco with these two basic ingredients, but you can also add tomatoes and lettuce if you’d like.

Just heat the hard or soft taco in the oven for a couple of minutes and sauté your meat or mushrooms in a pan until thoroughly cooked. Put everything together and of course add lots of cheese before enjoying.

It’s possible to make simple and delicious meals for yourself after a long day on campus. Try these go-to dinner ideas in the coming week—they may inspire you to try more recipes in the future.

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The 10 Most Amazing Healthy Dinners You Need to Make Now

When you’re in college, top of the mind is getting your assignments completed and making sure you’re prepared for class each day. Not to mention fraternity and sorority recruitment season, when you barely get a moment to yourself. Some nights you might forget to eat, let alone make a healthy meal, but you need a good dinner to be prepared for your upcoming day. You can make quick meals that are not just tasty, but also packed with nutrients and good ingredients.

Try one or more of these 10 healthy dinner ideas when you’re in your dorm or apartment. They should take no more than about 30-45 minutes of your time and are totally worth it. Also, invest in a few small aluminum baking pans from your local dollar store so that you can make small meals for yourself (and maybe your roommate).

Lemon Garlic Butter Baked Fish

White fish is so easy to cook and tastes delicious with basic ingredients. That includes flounder, cod, and turbot. Put a couple of clean pieces in one of your aluminum baking pans and add a few pats of butter. Sprinkle garlic, cilantro, and squeeze some lemon on top, then add a few lemon slices before putting it in the oven. Set the temperature to about 375 degrees and let it cook for about 30-45 minutes, watching it closely.

Cheesy Chicken Roll-up

Slice a chicken thigh into chunks (remove as much of the skin as you can and discard the bone). Season it with garlic, salt, pepper, and Italian salad dressing. Fry the chicken in a bit of olive oil and toss in some sliced red and green peppers if you have them. Pop two soft spelt or spinach tortillas in the microwave for 10 seconds so that they will be warm and soft, then add a layer of your favorite shredded cheese. Add the chicken mixture and roll it up like a burrito.

Rice Noodle Soup

Rice noodles are considered a healthier alternative to standard noodles. You can find them in the international aisle of your favorite grocery store. You’ll need a box of Pho or Ramen broth, chopped scallions, and mushrooms at minimum. Cook the veggies first then add the broth. Place the dry noodles in a bowl, pour the hot broth over them, and cover the bowl with a lid until the noodles soften. You can also use mung bean noodles, sometimes called bean threads.

Quick Spinach and Mozzarella Rigatoni Bake

Those small bake pans that you can find at the dollar store are magical and inspirational. You can make all sorts of baked meals with them, including Italian dishes. Heat up some tomato sauce with Italian seasoning, garlic, salt, and pepper. Add spinach as well as mushrooms if you like them, and boil rigatoni or penne pasta in a separate pot. Layer the sauce, then the pasta, then the mozzarella cheese, and again until the aluminum pan is full. Bake on 350 for about 45 minutes, watching it closely. Your roommates and probably people down the hall in your dorm will want to know what’s cooking after a while.

Crispy Potato Wedges 

It’s recommended that people consume at least 4700 mg of potassium each day for good health. Yet very, very few people get anywhere near this level. So, it’s also good to incorporate a few potatoes in your diet each day (preferably not the greasy fast food fries). Make some baked crispy potato wedges instead.

Chop them up in whatever way you like, boil them with some salt for about 20 minutes, then drain the water. Let them cool for a while, then pat your potatoes dry and coat them with a mixture of cornstarch, paprika, salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic. Sprinkle with olive oil or peanut oil. Bake in the oven for another 20 minutes or until they reach your desired crispiness.

Turkey Meatballs and Gravy

Making healthier meatballs is not as complicated as you might think. It’s just a matter of getting a clean bowl, some seasonings, and a pack of ground turkey which is often only a few bucks at the supermarket. Turkey is a healthier choice compared to beef. Put a half pack of ground turkey in the bowl, Italian seasoning, some Italian dressing, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, adobo seasoning if you have it, an egg, parmesan cheese if you have it, and a good dollop of olive oil. Get your hands into the mixture and combine all of the ingredients thoroughly. Roll up into meatballs (your desired size) and place them in your mini baking pan. If you have some of the mixture left over, just freeze it.

Bake in the oven on 375 degrees for about 45 minutes to an hour until they’re fully done. To make gravy, pour the liquid left into a cooking pan, add vegetable broth, water, and cornstarch or flour for thickening. Whip it all together and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. Pour it over your turkey meatballs and enjoy.

Mushroom Stir Fry

Mushrooms have a number of health benefits, such as antioxidants, protein, and fiber. They also have a delicious flavor and the consistency of meat. If you’re trying to do a meatless Monday, make a quick mushroom stir fry with carrots, sliced red and green peppers, and onions. Just let them all fry together in some olive oil and then douse the mixture with some low sodium soy sauce. Add some garlic powder, salt, and pepper and you’re good to go. Remember to fix some rice to serve it with, or rice noodles.

Easy Chicken Parm Sandwich

You don’t have to deep fry a chicken breast in bread crumbs to make a decent chicken parmigiana sandwich. Just season the sliced chicken, then fry each side in olive oil until done. Pour your tomato sauce over the chicken in one of your mini baking pans and cover with mozzarella cheese. Let it bake for about 30 minutes on 350 degrees while you finish reading the assignment for your class tomorrow. If you can find it, use an artisan bread roll to house your cheesy parmigiana. Remove some of the inside of the bread roll, because there’s no reason to have that much bread if you want a healthier choice — it’s all about the chicken, sauce, and mozza after all!

Roasted White Potatoes and Spinach

Spinach is a miracle food. It has loads of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay active and healthy. It’s enough to make you want to eat spinach all day long, at every meal. Spinach is especially delicious with some boiled then roasted potatoes, olive oil, garlic powder, and a little salt. Use an air fryer for your potatoes if you have one.

Chicken Drumsticks Dinner

If you want a delicious dinner that is easy to prepare, healthy, and affordable, go with chicken drumsticks. They are probably the least expensive type of chicken you can purchase. Other than the drumsticks, all you need is a white onion (chopped) and some standard seasonings (paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder). Clean the drumsticks and remove as much skin as you can. Put them in your aluminum baking pan and mix everything together with your hands. Bake on 375 degrees for about 45 minutes or until done. Serve over rice.

These 10 healthy dinner recipes will give you motivation to eat better throughout your college years, and most likely inspire you to chef it up in the kitchen after you graduate and impress your sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, friends, and family. Pick one to start and go from there.

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10 Sorority Recruitment Hacks

It’s about that time again. Time to start planning recruitment activities with your chapter to bring in some new members. You might be wondering how to make things run more smoothly this time around. Consider these 10 sorority recruitment hacks that could make your upcoming rush season a great success.

Have Regular Meetings with Chapter Sisters

Regular meetings with fellow sorority members in your chapter, specifically regarding recruitment business, will help you to put things in the proper perspective. It also gives you a chance to have some well-needed quality time with your sorors.

Wear Para at Every Meet and Greet

Even one small sorority button on your shirt or Greek-lettered jewelry worn at each meet and greet with potential recruits can make a big impression. Ideally, you and your sorority sisters should have matching Greek-lettered shirts shipped in for recruitment season. It’s a sign of unity.

Schedule One-on-One Meetups

You may find yourself interested in a certain potential recruit, and want to learn more about her. Schedule a one-on-one lunch meet up with them at a dining hall on your campus to find out what she’s really like.

Refresh Yourself on Sorority Etiquette and History

There’s nothing worse than not being able to answer a question about your sorority’s history, basic principles, or chosen initiatives when a potential new member asks. So, take the time to look over your national and chapter website to make sure you’re ready for any question that arises.

Stay Visible on Campus

The more that freshwomen see you on campus, along with your other sorority sisters, the more interested they may become in your organization. So, spend as much time as you can around campus wearing para, socializing, and being friendly.

Give All Potential Recruits a Chance

There are cases when you might come across a potential new member who rubs you the wrong way on the first meeting. Give it time to see if you may have had the wrong first impression.

Order Your Recruitment Supplies in Advance

You want to make sure you have all your recruitment supplies ready to go at least a couple of weeks before you start activities. If you’re a little behind, know that you can get Greek gear, including Greek party favors and custom t-shirts rushed to your chapter house by paying a small rush fee.

Produce Videos of Various Lengths About Your Sorority Life

A lot of chapters like to create a sorority recruitment video each year to promote their organization. Create videos of various lengths for different applications: one short video for social media, one medium sized video to play in the background at your table when you attend Greek events on campus, and a full-length video to play at rush events for serious candidates. Take the time to write a screenplay. Tell your chapter’s story, choose a few members to feature on camera, and highlight the various activities and initiatives that you and your chapter sisters participate in each year.

Host an Open Forum

You want to know what is going on in the minds of your potential new members. One of the best ways to do that is to get them to open up at a talking forum. Pick a topic of recent relevance, create some questions to start the conversation, and then open the floor for discussion. Encourage everyone to give their honest opinions on the subject. This may give you some insight into their individual personalities.

Bring in Your Alums

Don’t underestimate the knowledge that your alumnae members have to offer. After all, they have been there and done that. They may have some special tips for you that will help you have a very successful rush season. Invite them to come visit your chapter house and attend recruitment events—they will likely appreciate it and be eager to help.

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How to Travel This Summer for Cheap

How to Travel This Summer for Cheap

We are all eager for the chance to travel again and have some fun, especially when the weather starts getting warmer. After an extended period of struggling with the effects of the pandemic, how excited will you be when you can hit the shores again? Or go to a beautiful lakeside cabin with your besties and sorority sisters? Breathing fresh air and enjoying nature’s beauty.

But how can you travel on a budget? It is exciting to get away, and do something different. It is even more exciting when you’re able to save a few dollars.

Here are some tips for how you can travel this summer for cheap.

Set Aside Lots of Time to Peruse Travel Sites

Part of the fun of planning a summer trip is spending time looking for the best deals. Who would want to spend top dollar on a hotel and flight that turns out to not be so great after all? You can find some wonderful deals on hotels and airfare if you take some time to do research.

There are countless websites you can browse to find good deals that are more than happy to give you discounts so that they can fill those seats and rooms. Also, look for flights or bus seats that guarantee you space to socially distance.

So, grab a cup of tea or cocoa and dedicate an hour or two to look for the best deals possible. You can save a lot of money when you take the time to look at multiple travel sites instead of settling for the first one you find.

Also, ask the people you know if they have any tips on where you can find an affordable vacation package.

Buddy Up

When things get safer after the pandemic, most people get vaccinated, and you know that you have a responsible buddy that you can trust to be around, consider taking a trip together to save money. 

Link up with a sorority sister or fraternity brother who you are close with and share a hotel. Bring your Greek lettered mask, hand sanitizer, and make sure you’ll have your own area to relax. If you hang out, take it to the balcony so that you both can enjoy some fresh air. Always wear your masks and socially distance, even if you’re vaccinated and tested.

Also bring your disinfectant wipes or spray to wipe down high touch areas (door knobs, tables, dresser drawers, toilet handle, etc.) as soon as you arrive in your hotel room.

Bring Your Own Lunch

One of the most expensive things about traveling is spending money on restaurants and fast food. You can easily spend hundreds just on eating out. Go to the grocery store instead and pick up food that is easy to prepare or microwave in your hotel room. Here are some ideas for things you can grab for your trip at the local supermarket as soon as you land at your destination:

  • Lunch meat, cheese, rolls, lettuce, tomatoes, and condiments.
  • Your favorite soups (easily heated in a microwaveable bowl).
  • Fresh salads.
  • Burritos (also easy to heat).
  • Can’t say this enough: get paper bowls. Get plenty of bowls for heating up food, as well as an assortment of utensils.

Also, pick a hotel that has free breakfast in the morning and load up your plate for the day.

Pack Light

An easy way to save money on your upcoming summer trip is to pack a small bag as a personal item with the most important items you will need while you are traveling. Some airlines will charge you $50 or more just to have an extra bag. What is the point of saving money on a fare if you’ll have to spend more money on luggage? As long as it fits under the seat in front of you, it’s normally considered a free personal item.

Think about it. You will most likely only wear two or three outfits the entire time you’re away, so only pack for that. You can also buy things that you need when you are at your destination. So, pack light—just the basics.

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Sorority Lingo: Dictionary to Greek Life

Have you ever wondered about sorority lingo? The terms that are used throughout the rush and recruitment process that is. These are a few of the terms that you might want to know about — a little dictionary to Greek life.


PNM is short code for a potential new member. This person is also referred to as an interest, rush, or candidate. These are people who have a serious interest in joining the organization.


Not every sorority uses this term, but a spec is short for a special. It is someone who you take a special interest in when they are joining. A spec can be someone from the same chapter, the same sorority at a different chapter, or someone from a completely different organization. A spec may get mentored or just receive the occasional snack.

Chapter or House 

A chapter is a group of the people at a sorority house at a specific school. Sometimes it might be at a group of schools that are nearby each other. A house is pretty much the same thing.

Bid Day

One of the most exciting days for sorority members and potential new members is bid day. This is the day when bids or invitations are handed out. It’s the day when people are confirmed to become a new part of the chapter or house.

The Para Game

As you can imagine, sorority members can be a little mischievous at times. The para game is a way for members to have fun with each other. Paraphernalia, which is Greek Gear like jackets or even small trinkets that include sorority letters, is treasured. Members sometimes take each other’s para and then brag about it in jest. Eventually it is returned. 

But please only do this with someone who has a good sense of humor!


A legacy is someone who gets into an organization because they know someone or are related to someone who is already been initiated into the organization. It is usually someone who is a close family member.

Bis Sis or Lil Sis

When someone becomes a serious candidate for membership, they are assigned a big sister. And you become their little sister. it is so that you are guided to understand how to be a good sorority sister.


Neo is a short term for a neophyte. It is someone who has just joined the organization and still doesn’t know all of the traditions. It is also someone who has a lot of opportunities, such as joining the chapter board in some capacity.


initiation is the process of making you a fully official member of the sorority. It is a beautiful time when everyone welcomes you into the organization. It is a time for Greek gifts, sorority paraphernalia, and lots of hugs.

So that’s some sorority lingo. There are so many more terms you’ll learn over time while navigating the rush and recruitment process. This is a start.

Just know that the most important thing is for you to love and be good to your sorority sisters. Be there for your community and care for others. These are bonds that can stay strong and long for many years, decades.

Understand what others are going through and care for yourself as well.

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