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I read every day – I have conversations with my children, co workers and Friends – I see change happening – it makes me feel hopeful and helpless at the same time.  I have learned so much from my children, their acceptance of everyone and their willingness to stand up for what is right.  I am having those hard conversations with others and with myself.

My brother who is in the military told me about a coworker who is black and he asked her if she feels there is racism in the military – she gave a few examples.  How the uniform rules affect her beautiful hair and how affirmative action really works.  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE JUST HANDED THE JOB – YOU HAVE THE SAME SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS, DEGREES & WORK EXPERIENCE AS THE OTHER CANDIDATE – IT IS BASICALLY THE TIE BREAKER FOR EQUALLY QUALIFIED CANDIDATES!  They are not less deserving or given anything – They worked, in many cases harder than the candidate they are up against – So stop giving the elbow nudge and trying to feel better about yourself because someone else equally deserving beat you out.

If you can add to this, please do so in the comments – I am eager to learn and understand.

This post seems like a perfect opportunity to again promote the United Negro College Fund.  Please think about giving.  GIVE HERE!

College tuition hikes and decreasing financial aid have caused more and more students to apply to UNCF for assistance each year.

However, they can only support one out of every 10 students who applies. Therefore, nine out of 10 deserving, ambitious students have to be told “no.” Why? Because they do not have sufficient funds. These students are our future health professionals, social workers, teachers, government policy makers, and military men and women—they are the future prosperity of our nation. We must do more. And with your help they can.


Greekgear + GreekU will continue to donate to the UNCF – We want to continue to become a part of the solution.

Greek Chic: Graduation Apparel

Congrats college seniors, you have officially made it to the home stretch! There are only a few weeks left until graduation! This is the moment you have been waiting for since the first day of freshmen year, and it is finally almost here. Greek Gear is here to make sure you have everything you will need to garnish your graduation day look, from stoles to necklaces and beyond. Here are a few of our graduation gear faves!

  1. Sashes: Design your own Greek Graduation Sash! Each stole is made of bridal satin and measures 5” width & 60” length. They come in your choice of colors: Available in black, white, light gray, pink, salmon pink, red, maroon, purple, gold, navy blue, royal blue and hunter green. So many choices! Design yours HERE!

DYO Stole (1)

  1. Lavaliere: Our Premier Lavalieres are silver pendants with your choice of sorority letters. These elegant necklaces are the perfect accessory for your graduation gown and a beautifully subtle way to represent your sorority on your big day! Pick yours out HEREGrad 1
  2. Bangle bracelet: These trendy bangle bracelets with raised letters feature your group’s color surrounding the letters in beautiful enamel. The bangle can be bent slightly for a custom fit. Created with your organization in mind, this one of a kind piece can be worn at casual or more formal settings…AKA graduation and beyond! Grab one HEREGrad 2
  3. Wood picture frame: This great new sorority picture frame is made of wood and holds a 4″ x 6″ picture. Customize the engraving to help capture your special day! Pick yours out HEREGrad 3

Congrats to all of our graduates! Head over to for all of your graduation and post-graduation Greek apparel needs.

– The Greek Gear Team

On-Campus Jobs that Prepare you for the Future

In college, it is important to devote some of your time to getting ahead in your career. Internships are great, but it is hard for a lot of college students to devote time to an unpaid internship with all of the financial burdens they have to bear. Fortunately, on-campus jobs can be a great addition to your resume and can give you the hands-on experience you need plus a little cash in your pocket! Plus, on-campus jobs are a great way to get involved at your school and are awesome networking opportunities. Here are a few ideas on how to get the most out of the job opportunities your college offers!

Tutor students

Tutoring other students shows great leadership and communication skills. It also takes a lot of patience and requires you to know the subject you are tutoring forwards and backwards. If you are good at math, tutor other students in math! Great at English? Proofread other students’ research papers! Not only does this look great on a resume, but you get a great sense of accomplishment from helping others succeed! I am forever grateful to the math tutor who helped me crawl my way through calculus.

Tweet for your collegedownload (1)
Paid to Tweet? For real? Sign me up! Be a Twitter ambassador for your school. This will boost your knowledge of social media and give you a leg up in the marketing/business world! Virtually every university has a Twitter page, not to mention the numerous separate accounts for their sports teams and clubs. Twitter pages require constant maintenance to keep them up to date and accurate.

 Assist a professor

You know who writes great job recommendations? Professors. Is your major Biology? Work in the bio lab or assist a Biology professor. If you are planning on being a teacher, what a great way to get hands-on experience in your field!

 Become a brand ambassador.

A lot of brands offer programs where you get paid to be a brand ambassador to create awareness for their product. When you are beefing up your resume, this is a great addition! Companies will be impressed that you have done social media marketing for well-known companies.
It is always important to keep your future in mind, and what better way to prepare for that future than to get a job that prepares you for it! Happy job hunting,

The Greek Gear Team

Greek Chic: Fall Fashions from Greek Gear

Colder weather means that you need warmer Greek apparel! We have just what you need to rep your letters all season long while still staying warm and cozy. Here are our top 3 must-have fall items from Greek Gear!

  1. Custom twill long tee: We love these long sleeved tees! You can choose the shirt color, letter color, and even a pattern for the twill- truly making this your very own custom Greek lettered tee! These tees are super preppy and classy. Pair this lovely long-sleeved tee with leggings and boots and you have a cute, comfy ensemble for fall!gamma phi beta
  2. Custom twill crewneck sweatshirt: These sweatshirts are totally in right now. Just like the long sleeved tee, these crewnecks come in a variety of colors and the letters are customizable. Do you love sparkels? Animal print? Chevron? We have all of these patterns of twill and SO many more, which means that you can rock your letters in style. These sweet sweatshirts are perfect attire for any group events that your sorority will be hosting this fall/winter season.zeta tau alpha
  3. Anorak: Come prepared with our Fraternity & Sorority Greek Patch Anorak. This classy anorak is lightweight and packs into its pouch, making It easy to tote around with you so it is there right when you need it! This classy jacket is lined with flannel and it is waterproof, making it the perfect campus accessory on those cold, rainy, windy fall days. It even has a nice insulated front pocket to help keep your hands warm or to store your phone or keys for easy access! This jacket really is the perfect way to both represent your sorority AND survive those long chilly walks to class this cold weather season!delta zetaWhat are you waiting for? Head to for the latest fall fashions and everything Greek!The Greek Gear team

Help! It’s Time to Choose a Big!

So you’ve joined a sorority. Good for you! You have just joined a sisterhood that will change your life. Now that you are a member, it is time to choose your Big. What does that even mean? What does that entail? How in the world do I choose? Here’s the skinny:

In a sorority, your Big is an upperclassman member of the chapter that will be your confidon, go-to girl, and pro advice-giver. Preferably, this sorority member should be one that you look up to and feel totally comfortable with. She will be your mentor through your “newbie” stage of being a member of a sorority and will share a special bond with you even after college. Think of these things when choosing a Big.b80ec82135ac99520a62bce9ccda92f1

  1. Who do you see as someone who could be your mentor as an initiated member?
  2. Who do you want to share special moments with throughout your college experience?
  3. In your chapter, who do you look up to?
  4. Is there a member that has an officer position that you think you would like to have one day?
  5. Is this woman a person who is only fun on the weekends or is she someone who is consistent and accountable to put you in your place if you start to slip?

These are all great attributes to look for in your future Big. You want someone who will support you and lead you. Your Big will be someone that will encourage you in both your sorority and your schooling as well as your career.

No matter who your Big ends up being, value the relationship and appreciate the new bond. You were put together for a reason! Getting a Big is an exciting time, so cherish every member of this new experience!


The Greek Gear Team


Top 4 Proven Ways to Get Hired

To all of our college graduates, getting hired is probably a top priority, is it not? Don’t you wish there was a job fairy that would go out into the world and “bibbity bobbity boop” you into your dream job? Although we are no fairy god mother, we have the next best alternative! Here is a list of the top 4 proven ways to get hired.


  1. Clean up your social media: Any time you are applying for a job or even an internship, you want to clean up your social media. What are some things you want to remove from your profile? Any foul language, photos of you partying or drinking, photos of you gambling, scantily dressed selfies, that sort of content. Before interviewing you or after reviewing your resume, some employers will Google search you. When they search you your social media profiles will pop up, and some potential employers will even scroll through your profile to see for themselves if you are responsible and mature enough to work at their company. One moral of the story is to think twice before posting anything on social media, because you never know who will view it 6a00d834520c6f69e20133f2609640970bat any point in time!
  2. Fine tune your resume: The first thing hiring managers see is your resume. First impressions are crucial. The saying is true, employers typically spend less than a minute looking at your resume unless it catches their attention. One tip is to make your resume generic and not make it tailored to a specific job. Another very important tip is to check your grammar and spelling! Also, leave reliable references! You should also keep the resume 2 pages long or shorter, because short sweet and to the point is the way to go! And finally, use a professional email address. Having an address like will not get you taken very seriously.
  3. Follow up after you send in your resume: Unless the ad says not to call, a good recommendation is to follow-up wither later the same day you sent the resume or the next day to make sure it arrived and landed in the right hands. Following up will also get your resume to the top of the stack!
  4. Rock the interview!


It’s a tough world out there, but with these tips you will be able to land your dream job!

Good luck out there.


The Greek Gear Team

Greek Life: Famous Women Who Were in Sororities

Did you know that according to USA today, all but three US Presidents since 1825 have been members of a fraternity? Also, 85% of Fortune 500 executives were involved in Greek life. How about the females in sororities? Lets see, the first female astronaut was in a sorority, the first female senator, and, most importantly, Elle Woods! I had no idea so many famous women got their start in sororities! Here are a few more leading ladies that got their starts in Greek life and went on to do great things.

Katie Couric

Katie was a member of Delta Delta Delta at the University of Virginia. All you Tri-Delts out there, you are in good company!Katie_Couric_a_p

Condoleeza Rice

Condoleeza joined the Alpha Chi Omega sorority while she was a piano/poli sci major. This worked perfectly for her because Alpha Chi was a sorority with musical origins.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade went to Arizona State University where she majored in journalism. Spade was an Omega member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. I personally LOVE anything Kate Spade! Totally adorable.


Sara Blakely

You may not know this name right off the bat, but you will be singing her praises when I tell you who she is. She is the creator of Spanx! The world’s best way to suck it all in when you need to well, suck it all in! She is the youngest woman to be on the cover of Forbes’ Billionaire list and was a member of Delta Delta Delta at Florida State University.


We hope you have learned more about some of the leading ladies who got their start in sororities! They are such an inspiration.


The Greek Gear Team

How to Accessorize Your Sorority Recruitment Outfit

Details matter, especially when you are in a room full of sorority women. Women tend to have a knack for noticing small things, like a pretty pedicure, a cute pair of earrings, or a purse that perfectly matches your belt or shoes. You might have your outfits lined up for sorority recruitment week, but no outfit is quite complete without the ideal accessories. No matter how you choose to dress for your upcoming Greek recruitment event, there are a few sorority accessories that you’ll want to have on deck.

Stylish Sorority Bracelets

You’ll likely be spending a lot of time talking to potential new members at sorority recruitment events. When we talk in these settings, we tend to use our hands to accentuate our points and add personality to the conversation. So, wear a cute sorority bracelet on your wrist that displays your Greek letters, symbols, or mascot. Some bracelets also make a gentle jingling sound that attracts people to you. One or two bracelets should be sufficient — you might want to pick out an array of options to wear throughout sorority recruitment season. You’ll probably get a lot of comments when you wear this Silver Dangle Bracelet or a Sorority Mascot Jewel Bracelet.

An Elegant Sorority Lavalier

Lavaliers are necklace charms that have traditionally been passed from fraternity members to their girlfriends as a symbol of their dedication. The charm displays the organization’s Greek letters vertically (sometimes called a drop necklace), diagonally or horizontally. But you don’t have to wait for a guy to give you one — you can order one for yourself displaying your own Greek letters. Some sorority lavaliers are silver, some are gold, and others have delightful accents like Swarovski crystals. If one of your sorority recruitment outfits includes a V-neck sweater or blouse, that is a perfect opportunity to wear your drop necklace. It will glimmer, shine, and attract plenty of attention from PNMs.

Lettered Wallet or Purse

When you’re walking around the venue at your sorority recruitment event and meeting new people, you’re probably going to need something to carry literature, as well as personal items. Make sure you’re holding a cute little sorority bag that matches your recruitment outfit and includes images or letters that identify the organization you belong to. You’ll probably love the Mini Sorority Jute Bag, which is small and compact, yet large enough to hold important items throughout the day. Best of all, it’s designed with your sorority crest and colors.

Mask Up, Sorority Style

At a time when it is crucial to be safe and protect yourself as well as others, there may be no better accessory than a sorority mask. These masks are uniquely designed for each sorority organization, including the official colors and letters. Masks have become sort of a fashion statement. Unique designs allow you to stand out from the crowd while looking like a responsible and sensible sorority member. Make sure that you and all your fellow chapter sisters have a mask to wear at all of your upcoming recruitment events this semester.

Remember the little details when you are planning your sorority recruitment outfits for the upcoming semester. Choose accessories that are not only cute but also pay homage to your Greek organization. First impressions are everything, and you should make every effort to look your best when meeting potential recruits.

For lovely sorority jewelry, accessories, and merchandise that will arrive in time for the upcoming recruitment season, shop

How to Look Cute on a Budget – Style Hacks for Sorority Sisters

One of the most important subjects you’ll learn while you’re in college is how to live on a budget. After covering your textbooks, supplies, late night convenience store trips to stock your dorm with snacks, you might need to live a bit more frugally. But you can still be sorority chic while you’re on campus this semester without spending a lot. Here are a few simple style hacks for sorority girls to keep in mind before you go shopping for the upcoming school year.

Sorority Jewelry

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on custom made jewelry that displays your Greek letters. Not when you can get a beautiful gold-plated sorority necklace or an attractive dangling silver-plated sorority bracelet for around $25. A nice piece of sorority jewelry will help take any outfit to the next level and attract plenty of attention.

Sorority Tees

You can’t go wrong with a new Greek t-shirt or figure-flattering tank top and a pair of your favorite blue jeans when dressing cute for a long day on campus. You can find an array of tees for sorority girls that are under $15. They’re colorful, come with a variety of screen-printed designs, and allow you to express your love for your organization whenever you wear them.

Colorful Flip Flops for Sorority Members

When you want to show off your latest pedicure, a pair of fancy sandals would be nice. But if you want to keep to a budget and look cute but casual while you’re on campus, a pair of sorority flip flops will do. Since you’ll be traversing your school’s halls and walkways almost daily, it’s important that you get a good strong pair made of high quality materials, including a solid rubber tread. Your sorority colors and symbols are imprinted on your flip flops, making them a unique yet affordable shoe to wear all semester long.

Cute Sorority Tote Bag

Some days, when you have a heavy class load, you’ll probably have to bring your backpack or a briefcase. But on those days when you only have one class, a meeting, or you’re just heading to the dining hall with your sisters, bring a custom sorority tote bag. They feature your sorority letters, symbols, and colors. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a pair of old sweatpants—throwing an eye-catching Greek-lettered tote bag over your shoulder will add appeal to your outfit. Best of all it will fit right into your shopping budget for the school year.

You’ll find so many cute and affordable things to wear at that will help you represent your Greek organization in the best possible way, whether you’re partying with your sisters or hosting recruitment events. See more of the awesome deals available for members of your sorority.

Keep Keeping At It

We are seeing change and understanding in many places, but we have such a long way to go. The single biggest thing you can do over the next few weeks is VOTE! Vote to make a change – vote the candidates who see the importance of change. From your local politicians to the POTUS. What happens in November can hopefully finally start us on the path to healing. We all need that – Life is hard in 2020 – and harder for those without a voice and without fair opportunities. Vote to help open those doors that have been previously closed.

Be sure and check to see you are registered to vote:

Is Sorority Rush for Me? – Your Questions, Answered

Sorority rush is a period of time during either the fall or spring semester when sorority chapters choose new potential members. They want to get to know the ladies who may be joining their ranks. Not everyone will be fit for the sorority recruitment process, but if you feel that you may be a good candidate these are some possible questions (and the corresponding answers) you may have.

How Is It Being Around So Many Women All the Time?

One thing that you’ll have to understand is that when you are around a lot of women, there are a variety of personalities that you will encounter. Some sorority sisters will be nice and friendly while others will be difficult and challenging to deal with.

But the great thing about being in a sorority with a lot of women is that you are more likely to meet someone who you really get along with. Many sorority members meet lifelong friends during the rush process and beyond.

How Difficult Is it to Answer Questions Asked by Current Sisters?

During sorority rush and recruitment you should expect to be asked a lot of questions by the current members. They want to get to know you and what you are all about. They want to ensure that you will be a hard-working member of their organization if accepted. Be prepared for questions like “why do you want to join this specific sorority?” That answer will require you to do some research on the background and history of their organization. You’ll also be asked questions about yourself, like how you’re doing in school, and what are your priorities.

Think of it as an informal job interview. If you were accepted into college, you will generally know what to say when you’re being interviewed, so relax and let the words flow. Be honest and authentic. Also, be prepared with solid questions of your own to ask members.

How Long Does the Sorority Rush Process Usually Take?

The length of the sorority rush process varies depending on the organization and chapter. But in a lot of cases you can expect for it to last for at least a couple of weeks. Be prepared to spend a lot of time attending sorority-hosted events during that period.

How Can I Improve My Chances of Getting a Bid?

Be yourself. Do not feel that you have to put on an act in order to impress the members, because they can see right through that. Always dress to impress, smell good, and take care of the details (such as hair, nails, and light makeup), but don’t overdo it. Try to make a strong connection with at least one of the members, who will most likely advocate for you in the bid selection process.

What is the Most Exciting Part of Rushing a Sorority?

Young women join sororities for all sorts of reasons, but the main reason is that they want to be social and have an exciting experience while in college. One of the most exciting parts of rushing a sorority is that you get to meet new people who you may not have met under any other circumstances on campus. You have a chance to expand your social skills, which will help you in the future. And of course, there are the parties and gatherings you’ll be expected to attend with a sea of women wearing their colorful sorority paraphernalia and Greek lettered clothing.

Hopefully some of your questions about sorority rush and whether it is right for you have been answered here. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to know a large group of women who you might fall in love with.

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The Best Healthy Recipes On-the-Go

When you’re both a college student and sorority or fraternity member living in the dorms, you probably won’t have much time to make normal sit-down breakfasts, lunches, or even dinners when you’re on the run. But you still have to eat. A good diet is important if you want to do well in school, pay attention in class, and still have energy to keep up with your duties as a member of a Greek organization on campus. Here are a few ideas for healthy on-the-go recipes you can make and take in a matter of minutes.


Avocado and Eggs

One of the simplest on-the-go breakfasts you can make is a couple of eggs with a few slices of avocado on top. You get a quick dose of protein, healthy fat, and fiber. And there’s no need to pull out a pan—just crack a couple of eggs in a bowl and microwave for a minute or two. Add your avocado slices and some salt and pepper on top.


Bananas and Strawberries

Fruit is always a good choice for a healthy breakfast. One tasty fruit combination is sliced strawberries and bananas. Add a dollop of yogurt on top to give some probiotic power to your fruit breakfast for the day. Yogurt is good for your digestive system, is high in protein, and has a lot of the nutrients your body needs to get through the day. You’ll need those nutrients when you’re sitting in a sorority or fraternity meeting that runs long after a full day of classes.


Quick Wrap

When you want a meal on-the-go, you want it to be easy to carry and eat no matter where you are on campus. One simple meal idea is to make quick wraps. You can pick up a pack of about 10 tortilla wraps for a few dollars at your local grocery store. Then grab a couple of cans of tuna fish or chunk chicken (which also comes in a can). Finally, get a bag of lettuce that has all of your favorite veggies. Insert everything into your wrap (along with your favorite condiments), roll it up in aluminum foil, toss it in your school bag, and go!


Black Beans, Chicken, and Cauliflower Rice

If have a night class or a late-night commitment with your sorority or fraternity group, you’re probably going to want to bring a little dinner with you so that your stomach isn’t rumbling at the quietest moments.


Make a serving of cauliflower rice (it usually only takes a few minutes). Sear some sliced chicken in a pan, add a half a can of low sodium black beans, and then mix in the rice. Scoop the mixture into small containers to take with you each day. This is a filling on-the-go meal that will give you a healthy serving of vitamin C, protein, iron, and fiber.


Quick Healthy Casserole

If you visit your local dollar store, you’ll find small casserole pans made for baked meals. A quick casserole for one is surprisingly easy to make—just chop up the ingredients and put it in the oven on 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Then you can scoop some out into a storage container before heading out each day. You can enjoy it in your car or while walking to class. Here are a few ideas for healthy casseroles that are packed with nutrients:


  • Sliced potatoes, sliced red peppers, chopped white onions, and shredded provolone cheese or parmesan. This is a good source of potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants.
  • Chicken sausage, broccoli, and spinach topped with mozzarella cheese. This a good source of calcium, fiber, vitamin C, and more.
  • Asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, and tomatoes with ground turkey or sliced turkey sausage topped with cheddar cheese. This is a good source of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as iron and protein.


Make sure you add granulated garlic, salt, and pepper to your casserole mixtures for the best flavor. Also, use dairy-free cheese and omit the meat if you want a vegan option.


Having a healthy meal on-the-go will be easier if you take the time to meal prep at the beginning of each week, putting the food you prepare into containers for storage in your fridge. Do whatever you have to do to ensure that you are getting healthy meals each day before you attend classes, meetings, and sorority or fraternity recruitment activities.


For quality sorority and fraternity gifts, clothing, and merchandise, that will arrive in time for rush season, shop .

5 Products Greeks Can’t Live Without in the Summertime

When you see this list of 5 products that you and your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers might not be able to live without in the summertime, it might inspire you to pick out a few things before your next outing.

  1. Super Large Beach Towel

If you’ve ever gone to the beach on a 90-degree day, you know how hot it is stepping into that piping hot summer sand. Imagine having to sit on it! That’s why an oversized sorority beach towel is something you ought to have packed in your trunk and ready to go if you’re an official beach bum. If you bring a beach chair, get a striped beach towel for Greeks to drape over it and dry off after a dip in the ocean.

  1. Sorority and Fraternity V-Necks

The last thing you want in a t-shirt when it’s really hot outside is a tight collar that doesn’t allow you to get some air around your neck and shoulders. That’s why a sorority or fraternity v-neck is a must-have for the summertime. has them in all sorts of colors (for both the t-shirt and your Greek letters) and styles to ensure that you have plenty to grab for road trips, picnics, and barbecues.

  1. Greek Face Masks

In today’s world, we all have a new concern to be aware of every time we walk out of the door. We need to ensure that we protect ourselves and others by wearing face masks when we’re in public and around large groups of people. Order up a box of Greek Face Masks for you and your chapter to wear this summer (while you’re socially distancing outdoors, of course).

  1. A Proper Fraternity or Sorority Visor

You want to feel the wind blowing in your hair, but you don’t necessarily want the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays beaming down on your face all summer long. A Greek visor is the best compromise. It allows you to cover your eyes, forehead, and much of the rest of your face while allowing your hair to air out (or dry out after you’ve left the water).

  1. Easy to Stuff Sorority or Fraternity Tote or Bag

Sure, you have so many ideas of where you and your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers will travel together this summer, but what are you going to carry all of your stuff in? There’s no need to pack up a large luggage bag when you’re road tripping or heading to the beach. All you need is a good tote bag to carry a few colorful sorority or fraternity shirts, a few pairs of shorts, and your most crucial electronics. Check out these sorority and fraternity tote bags from Greek Gear and pick out a few to keep on deck when you’re ready to head out with your crew.

Of course you can technically live without them, but these 5 Greek-lettered products definitely will make you feel better as you enjoy some sun and fun with your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers this summer. They are also an easy way to promote your organization for the upcoming fall recruitment season.






Keep Doing More!

Greekgear + GreekU are looking for more black owned business to wholesale Divine 9 merchandise to us!  If you or someone you know runs a black owned Greek business, please send them our way.  We are looking for new items that we can offer to our amazing customers.  Please send us a link to your website and how to open an account.


Be safe.

5 Recipes to Make with Your Sorority Sisters This Week


Cooking with others is a bonding exercise, so if you want to create stronger bonds with your sorority sisters, this is a wonderful idea. But what should you make? Just start off with easy recipes that everyone will love. You and your sorority sisters will have a great time making these five easy and tasty recipes this week or weekend.

Guacamole and Chips

Who doesn’t like guacamole? It doesn’t take that long to make a fresh, healthy batch of guacamole with your sorority sisters. All you need is about five ingredients: a few avocados, an onion (preferably white), a lime, Himalayan pink salt, and a tomato if you prefer. Get the juice out of the lime, chop everything else up finely and mash everything together with a fork. Make sure you give everyone a task to complete perfectly. Pick your favorite chips for dipping and have a fun movie night with your sorority sisters.

Easy Pasta!

Pasta with tomato sauce. It is so delicious and so simple to make. You can make it from scratch with a can of crushed or diced tomatoes, garlic powder, and an Italian seasoning mix. Or you can buy a couple of jars of tomato sauce from the supermarket that has all of the best ingredients.

Add a little ground turkey or beef in the pot with olive oil first and cook it until it’s browned. Then add your sauce and seasonings. Let it all simmer for an hour or so. Boil enough pasta to feed everyone and cook it about 10 minutes until it’s al dente (done, but not too soft). While you wait, turn on some tunes so that you and your sorority sisters can dance, have some fun, and work up an appetite before dinner.

The great thing about this easy meal is that you don’t have to add meat if you are going vegetarian or vegan. Or you can make one pot with meat and one without. Enjoy!

A Big Pot of Chicken Noodle Soup

On a cold fall or winter night, there is nothing like a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup. Make it from scratch with your sorority sisters.

First chop up a few chicken breasts and let the chicken fry in olive oil in a large pot. Pour in water and low sodium vegetable broth, which only costs about $2-$3 per box. Add salt, pepper, garlic, turmeric (if you have it) and let it simmer on medium heat for about an hour. After that, add some egg noodles which you can find at the supermarket for about $2 as well. Organic rice noodles are also great.

The pot of chicken noodle soup will be ready after about 10 more minutes. Serve it up in bowls and sit together in your living room or dorm bedroom. Wrap yourself up with your favorite sorority blankets or a warm Greek hoodie sweatshirt and have a nice chat with your sisters.

Quick Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon

You don’t always have to pull out a frying pan to make eggs and bacon for breakfast. If you have an air fryer at your sorority house which only costs about $50, you can just put the bacon in there to cook.

So, wake up early with your sorority sisters and start making a quick air fryer and microwave breakfast for everyone.

Cut the bacon in half and put it in the air fryer for about 10-15 minutes on 350 (watch it closely). Meanwhile, crack a few eggs into a microwave safe bowl, mix it up with some salt and pepper, cover with a napkin and put it in the microwave for about 1-2 minutes. Easy and quick breakfast before you head to class.

The Love Pizza

A sorority is about bonding, making compromises, and getting along. One way that you can increase your bond is to create a love pizza.

You can buy pizza dough at your local supermarket for about $2. You can also buy good dough from your local pizza restaurant. Grab some flour and the dough and start forming it into a heart shape with your fists and hands. Use a roller pin to flatten it. Add tomato sauce, cheese, and preheat your oven on about 350.

An important part of making a love pizza is ensuring that everyone’s desires and needs are met in the pie. So, make sure that everyone has their specific toppings in various places on the pizza pie.

Aren’t you excited to try these five recipes with your sorority sisters this week? You can make this a regular thing, and everyone will enjoy the time you’ll be spending together. So time to make a quick trip to your local grocery store and get to work!

We Can Do More!

Our business was nearly destroyed by the Covid-19 shutdowns.  Colleges were closed and the last thing on peoples minds was ordering Fraternity & Sorority merchandise.  We had to let many from of our team go and barely hung on not knowing what tomorrow would bring.  Three months later, we still are taking things week by week, but something amazing happened in May.  Business started to return.  Business we have always been thankful for, but this time we were so much more aware where it was coming from.  Yes, all groups were ordering, but it was the Divine 9 that helped keep us working.  Their lifelong loyalty and dedication to their organizations and to the Greek system made me even more thankful every day.

I’ve always thought of myself as inclusive and a lover of most people (except those that are unkind), but that is not enough.  We support and buy from Black businesses, we give back to the organizations and I feel we offer incredible customer service, but we can do more.

So today, we will begin by donating to the:, we have spoken to our customer service team to be even more accommodating and understanding to our customers needs.  We do not know the struggles they are facing and we need to be a source of positivity in their lives.  I also will seek out more black businesses to support and buy from, so we can partner together.  I know this is not enough, but it is more that we did yesterday and I hope with each day, we can do more and more to be a part of the solution.

Stay Safe.

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