Sweet Summertime!

Well, summer is finally here! It’s time to put away the textbooks and enjoy the weather for awhile. Some of you may live close to your universities, while others come from great distances. As exciting as the start of summer always was for me, there was still a bitter-sweet feeling. Yes, I was ready for a break but I also knew going home meant being away from my sorority sisters. When you’re at school, it seems that your sorority/ fraternity truly becomes your family. I always found myself a little lost when I first arrived home for summer. The house seemed too quiet and there was no one to make late-night fast food runs with! Recently, I asked all of you Facebook fans out there what you do to stay in touch during summer break. A few of you mentioned that you were taking trips together to places like Boston or Holiday World, which is an awesome way to relax and keep up with your sisters or brothers. The past two summers, my chapter road-tripped to Chicago for the Walk for Autism. Not only was this a fun way to get out of town for awhile and spend some quality time together, but also to support a great cause!

Summer is a great time to get some friends together and do some volunteering as well. The weather is nice, which opens up a lot more service opportunities. As you all know, the school year gets hectic between school, work, Greek life, and other obligations. This doesn’t leave much spare time for volunteer work. So this summer, grab some buddies a find some projects to do together- it will be a great bonding experience as well, trust me!

I think another great idea is to plan a late-summer meeting to prep for the upcoming school year. This way you can plan events and delegate tasks. When you walk onto campus that first day you can feel calm and confident, knowing your game-plan for that semester.

What else do you do throughout the summer?

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