Greek Dictionary

Recruitment time is here! Time to brush up on our Greek terminology!

GLO (Greek Life Organization): Specific fraternities/ sororities
Active: A member that has been fully initiated and is in good standing

PNM (Potential New Member): For many organizations this has replaced the term “pledge.” It is an individual who is interested in joining a GLO.

Legacy: This can vary depending on the organization but it is typically when an individual’s parent/siblings/ grandparents were the member of a GLO. This individual MAY get special treatment from that particular GLO.

Badge: The pin worn by a fully initiated member.

Bid: An invitation to join a specific GLO.

Chapter: A local branch of a GLO.

Hazing: Forcing a PNM or new member to do things that are embarrassing, harmful, or emotionally distressing in order to become initiated.

Philanthropy: Charitable efforts made by GLOs

Initiation: The ceremony that brings a new member into full membership.

Ritual: Secret traditions of a GLO, typically ceremonies.

Quota: The number of new members a GLO may initiate

New Member: a member who has not been FULLY initiated

NPC (National Panhellenic Conference): The umbrella organization that governs 26 of the national sororities

NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council): The umbrella organization that governs historically African-American GLO’s, aka-the divine nine.

NALFO (National Organization of Latino Fraternal Organizations): The umbrella organization that governs Latino GLOs.

IFC (Interfraternity Council): The umbrella organization that governs men’s fraternities.

NIC (North American Interfraternity Conference): An umbrella organization that governs over 50 men’s fraternities.

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