Greek Chic-The Basics

Before I begin with this week’s edition of “Greek Chic,” I would like to congratulate all of the new members and chapters welcoming those new members! This is one of the most exciting times of the year for Greeks around the nation. This is the reason I thought it would be fitting to discuss those classic, staple items that every Greek should own.

First, the Letter Tee! This is typically one of the very first items new members purchase. These are a simple style but you add your own flare by choosing your Foreground Letters and Background Letters (over 250 to choose from!). This is one item you can NEVER go wrong with!

Second, the lavalier. These will always be one of the most popular Greek items because they are simply timeless. They are small enough to be tasteful, but large enough to represent your pride in membership. For the females, lavalieres tend to be a day-to-day piece that almost never comes off. While the guys may not wear them every day, they often keep them around for the Greek tradition of lavaliering their girlfriends (essentially a pre-proposal). These come in sterling silver, white gold and gold.

Next up, we have the Letter Hoodie. Similar to the letter tees, you can customize your letters on this classic item. These are perfect for those cold winter walks to class when you wake up 10 minutes before your class!

Our line hats are also one of our best sellers. They are perfect for everything from hot, sunny days to bad hair days! Each hat has an adjustable strap on the back so one size fits most. The line hats display your organization’s letters and allow you to customize the text between the bars.

Last, but certainly not least- the license plate frames. It may not always be appropriate to wear a letter tee or hoodie, but you can ALWAYS jazz up your car with your letters! These great metal frames come in your organization’s colors and feature both your letters and full name.

No matter what organization you belong to, what school you attend, or how new you are to the Greek system- these 5 products are sure essential to your Greek collection!

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