Hazing Prevention Resources

As National Hazing Prevention Week 2011 begins to wind down, it is important to remember that hazing prevention shouldn’t only be a focus for one week a year. Hazing is an issue 24/7/365. It is never acceptable, and always dangerous. Here are some resources to use to further your knowledge of hazing and prevention.

-Your National Headquarters has tons of knowledge and guidance to give when it comes to hazing. If you have a question or concern, I HIGHLY recommend contacting them. Their purpose is to help your organization be the best it can be, and they will be more than willing to help!

-Your university’s Office of Greek Life, Greek Advisor, or administration are also there to assist with any hazing issues that may arise. Safety is always a priority on college campuses, and if something is going on they need to know about it.

HazingPrevention.org is a great site to learn about hazing, read personal stories, and find volunteer opportunities!

StopHazing.org is a good site to browse, especially if you want to know more about hazing laws and the differences between states.

-Learn more about hazing at Insidehazing.com

-To report hazing of any kind, contact the National Anti-Hazing Hotline @ 1-800-NOT-HAZE!!

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