Greek Chic: Greek-Professional

As a Greek, you know that there are many different functions that require a diverse Greek-Wardrobe! Some of those occasions are likely to be professional dress; which is why today we are showing you how to put together a polished look and include those letters!

Let’s start with the guys! There are a couple different options out there, depending on the occasion and the weather! First- the ever popular Polo. Polos are great for a wide variety of occasions and you will definitely get a lot of wear out of them! Customization options for this item include: shirt color, thread color, text, letters and font!

We also have the classic Fraternity Sweater. This is great for fall/ winter and is great with jeans or slacks. Perfect for formal recruitment! You also have the customization options for this sweater.

Now for the ladies! We also have a few different styles of polos for you to choose from. My favorite is the Rhinestone Polo. The rhinestones add a feminine twist to the basic polo, and come in a variety of colors. Click HERE to view our assortment of polos!

Another option you may consider is a Sorority Placket Shirt . I have seen chapters wear these during recruitment events with dark jeans or slacks and it looks very classy and chic! Again, you can choose your shirt color, thread color, letters, and font. You can also pair it up with a blazer or sweater for Badge attire days or interviews!

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