3 Campus-Wide Events to Host!

Ever feel like every organization hosts the same events at different times during the year? Time to rid that bad habit! There are plenty of awesome activities to involve your entire campus! I have always been a fan of open campus events because it is a great PR tactic, as well as a great way to meet PNMs (Potential New Members). Perhaps there are students who have never considered Greek life and ignored the invitations to Recruitment week- this is the PERFECT opportunity to catch them! Campus wide events provide a relaxed atmosphere where your organizations love, dedication, hard work, and lasting friendships can speak for themselves. So, here are 5 fun activities you can host on your campus:

1. Etiquette Workshop- College will fly by, and before you know it you will be out in the “real world.” What better time to learn and practice your manners than now?! You can do the research and host the workshop yourselves, or bring in speakers to do it for you!

2. Self Defense Class- I think this would be so fun! It was something I always wanted to try. There are many different organizations out there who will come in to teach you these valuable skills. One organization that you may find interesting is Girls Fight Back. It was established 10 years ago after the collegiate founder’s friend was attacked and killed. More info at girlsfightback.com

3. Danceathon- Perfect for a fundraiser/ charity event! You can raise money and have a dance party at the same time, does it get any better?

Have other ideas?! Let’s hear them!

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