Greek Chic- Time to Cozy Up!

Brr! Its getting chilly out there already! Time to pack up the tanks and flip flops and break out the hoodies and boots! But are you REALLY ready for this winter? Not unless you are fully armed with all your warm and fuzzy letter gear! How about some of these cozy items?

Sorority Snuggie– They do exist ladies, and Greek Gear has them! Choose your favorite color, thread color, and sorority. Perfect for those lazy movie nights with your sisters!

One thing your Snuggie won’t cover? Your feet! But don’t worry, we’ve got those covered too. Our Sorority Slippers are sure to keep you comfy and warm all winter long! The colors change to represent your organization and your letters will be sewn on as well!

Just a couple basic things to get you prepped for the cold! Remember, enter save20now and receive a 20% discount off your entire purchase today on!