Greek Chic: DYO

Design Your Own Greek Tees

Do you ever see members of other organizations walking around with some super cool tshirt design and wish your chapter had something similar? I always loved seeing other peoples’ tshirts because it is a great way to get ideas! Did you know that not only has fun screen-printed items but also allows you to create your own?!

To see what I mean, click HERE! This site allows you to view designs that our artists have already created. If you prefer, you can also design your own merchandise by choosing “Make Your Own” Now, this goes beyond just tshirts! Through this site, you can design shirts, tanks, hoodies, bags, glassware, etc.! This is a great tool to use for recruitment, initiation, formals and any other events your chapter hosts!

Perhaps you enjoy the look of custom tee’s but you just aren’t the most creative person. We have you covered! Simply choose “Request Art Proof” and fill in the information fields. One of our artists will put together the art for you!

Playing around with the design features can be a blast if you are the creative type like me! Try creating your own art and send us some of your favorite designs in the “Send Us Your Ideas” tab!

Could You Get By Without It?

Do you ever think about how much time you spend online? All of the talk this week regarding SOPA and PIPA, Wikipedia blackouts, and protests has really made me think about how we use the Internet today. I vaguely remember when my family bought our first computer. What I do remember is trying to sign onto the Internet for 20 minutes! I also remember when I was in grade school and AIM was the cool thing to do. Remember changing your screen name (or as we called them back then- sn)numerous times whenever you thought of something hip or clever. Oh, and those profiles you could fill in. Personally, I was a big fan of changing my font and text color weekly. I also remember getting calls from friends tell me to “sign on” so we could chat virtually…seems odd now considering we were already on the phone and could have communicated that way. But nonetheless, the world was changing!

Fast forward to today and try to imagine going a day without Internet. Think about how much longer it would take to write that 10 page paper if you had to sort through books for all of your information. How would we show pictures to our friends who live far away? Do you have direct deposit, check our account online, or pay bills online? I know what you’re all thinking, “how would I order my GreekGear?!” Imagine all of those luxuries gone. In fact, you wouldn’t even be reading this blog if we didn’t have Internet and I would be unemployed!

Of course, there are two sides to every story. Some say the Internet has harmed us by allowing for false information to circulation, making us “socially awkward”, ruining relationships, or simply being so much of a distraction to us. On the other hand, we have gained a vast amount of knowledge, stayed in touch with friends, and networked via the Internet. Now I could list statistics and fill your mind with theories but I’m not going to. The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer! But it is an interesting thing to think about…Take some time to acknowledge how much time you spend online and what you use the Internet for, you surprise yourself!

We’re Not Lazy, We’re Tired!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why do classes, work, appointments, and meetings ever start before 10am?” I do…almost daily! I never used to need much sleep at all until college came along. When I began college I found myself tired ALL the time and getting going in the morning has been a constant struggle ever since! I’m sure many of you can relate. Many of you have also heard complaints from your parents about how much you sleep. See, apparently many adults view our sleeping habits as laziness, I prefer to think of it as mastering a skill! Regardless, the point is- we like to sleep…a lot.

As many of you head back to school, your early morning alarms will probably be a shock to your system. Even as a somewhat recent college graduate, I still battle it out with the Snooze button daily. I recently began wondering if this was normal, so I resorted to my trusty friend- Google. What did I find? The average college student (I am still your age, so I am counting myself as a college student!) needs at least NINE hours of sleep per night! In our dreams, right?! (No pun intended!) Say you have an 8am class, meaning you need to be up by let’s say 7am. That means you would need to not only be in bed, but also ASLEEP by 10pm. I cannot tell you the last time I was asleep by 10:00, and I’m sure the majority of you would echo my statement. But it’s hard isn’t it? You have to cram class, work, sports, homework, and a social life into ONE day and be asleep by 10:00? It seems impossible.

Maybe that’s why studies show only 11% of us are getting quality sleep. Truth is, most of us only get 6-7 hours of sleep a night if that. According to a study in the College Student Journal, those who slept 6 hours or less per night had an average GPA of 2.74, while those who slept 9+ averaged a 3.24. Shockingly, reducing your nightly sleep by merely an hour an a half (even for a night) can reduce your daytime alertness by up to 32%! While lack of performance is a large side effect in the short term, lack of sleep can also have long term effects. The chances for developing high blood pressure, obesity, depression, and ADD are all increased by sleep deprivation.

So if we know we aren’t getting enough sleep, and we know it is having a negative impact on us, what do we do? Well, here are a few tips I’ve found to getting a BETTER nights sleep:

1. Find a routine. Waking up and going to bed around the same time every day will help your body reinforce your sleep-wake cycle. Also,
come up with a few things to do before bed to let your body know it’s time to slow down. This may be reading, taking a shower, turning on the iPod, whatever works for you.

2. Avoid energizers late at night. Listening to upbeat music, playing video games, working out, and caffeine and/or nicotine intake will all disrupt your sleep quality.

3. The power of the power nap. If you have time, grab a 20-30 minute nap during the day. According to the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, naps keep your brain activity high during the day, instead of letting it gradually decrease as it would without a nap. However, if the nap lasts too long it may keep you from falling asleep later, so be cautious.

4. Exercise. I know, I know- the answer to all health question these days is “Work out.” But it is true, regular exercise will promote better sleep. BUT! As I said before, make sure you don’t exercise too close to bedtime so you can fall asleep easier.

5. Turn off the T.V. I am so guilty of this. Sure you can go into the biological reasons why this harms your sleep due to melatonin etc., but in my completely unscientific analysis- television is just distracting. I may get in bed at 10:00 but with 2 full hours of ‘Friends’ reruns on Nick@Nite I am sure to be up until at least midnight! I know its tough, but put the DVR to good use…

So there you have it my friends, we NEED the sleep. While we may not always be able to control how much we get, there are definitely ways to improve the quality of what we are getting. Best of luck in improving your sleep! And remember, its only about another 45 years until retirement….right?..

Find these facts and more here:

New Year’s Resolutions…Greek Style

Happy 2012! Hard to believe the holidays are already over isn’t it? Many of you may still be enjoying your vacations and sleeping until noon (jealous!) and others are heading back to school for their normal routines. Regardless, we hope you all enjoyed your holidays and vacations!

Now it’s time to get to work on those New Year’s Resolutions! Most of us have our personal resolutions be it small or large, but have you ever thought about a group resolution? Being in sororities and fraternities, we all know there are things that we could improve upon. So consider having your GLO (Greek Life Organization) develop a resolution for the semester (or year). The possible resolutions are endless. Could you be communicating better? Could your follow-through use some help? Would you like the group to do more community service? End gossip? Have more brotherhood/sisterhood activities? I could go on forever!

You may say, what’s the point in having a group resolution? Well take a minute to think about it. Individual resolutions take strong self discipline and lack accountability. However, in a group there is always someone to hold you accountable (as one sister/brother should the other). Though the ultimate goal may be to better the group, I would venture to say you will better yourself on an individual level along the way. So I encourage you all to discuss it with your GLOs when you get back to school. It’s a new year and a fresh start, why not make it even better than last year?!

Good luck to you all and Happy New Year!