New Year’s Resolutions…Greek Style

Happy 2012! Hard to believe the holidays are already over isn’t it? Many of you may still be enjoying your vacations and sleeping until noon (jealous!) and others are heading back to school for their normal routines. Regardless, we hope you all enjoyed your holidays and vacations!

Now it’s time to get to work on those New Year’s Resolutions! Most of us have our personal resolutions be it small or large, but have you ever thought about a group resolution? Being in sororities and fraternities, we all know there are things that we could improve upon. So consider having your GLO (Greek Life Organization) develop a resolution for the semester (or year). The possible resolutions are endless. Could you be communicating better? Could your follow-through use some help? Would you like the group to do more community service? End gossip? Have more brotherhood/sisterhood activities? I could go on forever!

You may say, what’s the point in having a group resolution? Well take a minute to think about it. Individual resolutions take strong self discipline and lack accountability. However, in a group there is always someone to hold you accountable (as one sister/brother should the other). Though the ultimate goal may be to better the group, I would venture to say you will better yourself on an individual level along the way. So I encourage you all to discuss it with your GLOs when you get back to school. It’s a new year and a fresh start, why not make it even better than last year?!

Good luck to you all and Happy New Year!