Greek Chic: DYO

Design Your Own Greek Tees

Do you ever see members of other organizations walking around with some super cool tshirt design and wish your chapter had something similar? I always loved seeing other peoples’ tshirts because it is a great way to get ideas! Did you know that not only has fun screen-printed items but also allows you to create your own?!

To see what I mean, click HERE! This site allows you to view designs that our artists have already created. If you prefer, you can also design your own merchandise by choosing “Make Your Own” Now, this goes beyond just tshirts! Through this site, you can design shirts, tanks, hoodies, bags, glassware, etc.! This is a great tool to use for recruitment, initiation, formals and any other events your chapter hosts!

Perhaps you enjoy the look of custom tee’s but you just aren’t the most creative person. We have you covered! Simply choose “Request Art Proof” and fill in the information fields. One of our artists will put together the art for you!

Playing around with the design features can be a blast if you are the creative type like me! Try creating your own art and send us some of your favorite designs in the “Send Us Your Ideas” tab!

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