Greek Chic: Hello, Spring!

Happy spring, Greeks!

Our team here at Greek Gear is welcoming spring with open arms. Why? Because we have the perfect products to help any Greek jump into warm weather with both feet in! Today I am going to show you a few examples of our warm weather merchandise that is sure to get you excited for days when it is sunny and 75.

First, we have the Sorority Polka Dot Flip Flops. These sandals are a super adorable way to reign in the warm weather! They are customized to your represent your house colors and have your sorority’s letters displayed on the strap. They are super durable and have thick soles so they will last you forever! A few sisters have compared them to walking on a cloud! It doesn’t get any better than that, folks.


Next we have the sorority sunglasses. The best way to represent your sorority is to wear your letters on your face!…Or more specifically on your eyes! Our Sorority Wayfarer sunglasses have your letters right on the lens so you can easily show your house pride. We have another style of sunglasses that have regular dark lenses and have your letters/sorority name printed on the sides. These come in pink, white, green, hot pink, purple, and yellow! Baseball season is fast approaching, which means sitting in the sun while watching the boys run those bases. Slip on a pair of our chic shades to shelter your eyes!


Finally, we have our oh-so-popular Tervis Tumbler! Fill this baby up with ice and your favorite beverage, set it next to your lounge chair, and soak up some sun. The great thing about this tumbler is that, not only does it show off your sorority letters, it also keeps your drinks nice and cold and reduces that annoying drippy condensation! You can add a lid of your favorite color to your tumbler if you are a sister who is constantly on the run. Another great thing about these handy dandy cups? They are made in the good ‘ole US of A.


Happy shopping!

The Greek Gear team

Greek Chic, Spring Formal Edition!

Spring is in full swing, and do you know what that means? Spring formal is fast approaching! Our team at Greek Gear put together a list of “must haves” for your 2014 Spring Formal.

1. A fabulous theme! Let’s be real, we sisters love our socials! It can be hard to find themes or ideas that aren’t completely overdone, though. Here are a few theme ideas to help make your Spring Formal a night to remember:
– Gatsby Affair for the roaring 20s
– Disney themed, “Where Dreams Come True”
– Nautical or Nice (beach/nautical theme)
– Celebrity Duos, create a red carpet atmosphere!

2. Chic attire. Chic and impressive is the key. A cocktail dress is sure to do the trick for this occasion! Choose a dress approximately at knee length, not the type of dress you would wear to a frat. Pick a shape that accentuates your figure! Pick a pair of heels that reflects your personality, but are also slightly practical. Accessorizing is where you can go fancy! If you have a pretty basic dress, choose a large statement necklace and blinged out earrings. Make your ensemble memorable, in a good way!


3. Perfect party favors. This is where Greek Gear comes in! We have a huge selection of glassware that you can customize to your event down to the very last detail. Want tshirts to remember the night by? No problem. We’ve got you. A banner to display at the entrance to the dance? Check! You want it, we’ve got it. Check out our party favors section on our website HERE!


4. Fun games! Everyone love a party that has a ton going on. For your formal, rent out a photo booth or have party games going on at various locations at the dance! Everyone loves photo booths, and it will give you picture proof of the great night you had!
5. A great date, and a great way to ASK someone to be your date! Here are few ideas that we really liked:


We hope that this list has given you some ideas on how to make your Spring Formal the best one yet.
Have a blast!
The Greek Gear team