Using your Sorority Experience to Find Jobs

Graduation is fast approaching, which also means that the job market is beckoning! When most college students graduate, they jump into interview mode, trying to find the best job they can. Lucky for you, your sorority experience will boost your marketability and make you a hot candidate for a lot of jobs! Here are a few tips on how to use your sorority experience to land a great job, and a few interview tips for along the way.

  1. Maintain your network of sisters. You never know when a fellow sorority sister may be able to help you land a great job at a growing business, or maybe even just put a good word in for you to a prospective employer. Use your vast connections to your advantage! How do you think 48% of all US presidents got to where they are? They were Greek! They used their connections to get to where they wanted to go.drew_interviewtip14
  2. Walk the walk. Sororities teach you how to dress the part for any situation, which comes in handy during job interview time. They teach you to look your best when it counts! In an interview, the best way to dress is classy. Get a feel for the business, see what kind of attire they gravitate towards, and base your interview attire off of what you observe.
  3. Build a strong resume. You would be surprised at all of the sorority events you can add to your resume! Businesses love to see people who have experience in handling budgets, can manage a group, and can also build a successful marketing campaign. These are all skills that planning events and recruitment can teach you! Use your sorority experiences to your advantage. You worked hard, let it be known!

We hope that these tips help you land a great job that will help you grow both as am individual and a member of society. We also congratulate you on your upcoming graduation and wish you the best.

Good luck!

The Greek Gear Team

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