Greek Chic: Summer Greek Gear

Calling all Greek’s! Just a word of warning, if you aren’t prepared to for summer, then we suggest you GET prepared! Our team at Greek Gear is here to help you do just that. Here are three Greek items that we think you just cannot go without this summer!

  1. Sorority sunglasses: Our classic wayfarer Sorority Sunglasses are the perfect way to shade your eyes from the sun. They come with your sorority’s name printed on the side, and come in colors like black, blue, green, purple, hot pink, white, pink, or red! There is a color for everyone’s preference! These glasses are a stylish way to show off your loyalty to your group! inarush_2317_2316490473
  2. Beach towel: Summer isn’t summer without a cute beach towel! These sorority towels are not only a great gift to a sister, but also a great gift for yourself! The sporty sorority design will keep you warm, dry, and away from the sand or the hard ground. The towels are available in 11 base colors and 19 thread colors. So many options! 
  3. Baseball cap: Baseball caps are a cute trend this summer! You can customize these hats to your chapter, school, or special event. These hats are a huge hit on campus and can be worn on the beach or out and about this summer. Shield your face from the sun while rocking your group’s letters and colors.  inarush_2318_148248690

We hope that your summer is relaxing and recharging! We also hope that you rock our sweet Greek gear while you are soaking up the sun.


The Greek Gear team


Top 4 Proven Ways to Get Hired

To all of our college graduates, getting hired is probably a top priority, is it not? Don’t you wish there was a job fairy that would go out into the world and “bibbity bobbity boop” you into your dream job? Although we are no fairy god mother, we have the next best alternative! Here is a list of the top 4 proven ways to get hired.


  1. Clean up your social media: Any time you are applying for a job or even an internship, you want to clean up your social media. What are some things you want to remove from your profile? Any foul language, photos of you partying or drinking, photos of you gambling, scantily dressed selfies, that sort of content. Before interviewing you or after reviewing your resume, some employers will Google search you. When they search you your social media profiles will pop up, and some potential employers will even scroll through your profile to see for themselves if you are responsible and mature enough to work at their company. One moral of the story is to think twice before posting anything on social media, because you never know who will view it 6a00d834520c6f69e20133f2609640970bat any point in time!
  2. Fine tune your resume: The first thing hiring managers see is your resume. First impressions are crucial. The saying is true, employers typically spend less than a minute looking at your resume unless it catches their attention. One tip is to make your resume generic and not make it tailored to a specific job. Another very important tip is to check your grammar and spelling! Also, leave reliable references! You should also keep the resume 2 pages long or shorter, because short sweet and to the point is the way to go! And finally, use a professional email address. Having an address like will not get you taken very seriously.
  3. Follow up after you send in your resume: Unless the ad says not to call, a good recommendation is to follow-up wither later the same day you sent the resume or the next day to make sure it arrived and landed in the right hands. Following up will also get your resume to the top of the stack!
  4. Rock the interview!


It’s a tough world out there, but with these tips you will be able to land your dream job!

Good luck out there.


The Greek Gear Team