Top Sorority Recruitment DONT’S

Rush week can be a really stressful time for everyone, whether you are rushing or recruiting! There are a few things you really want to avoid during recruitment, and we are here to tell you them so you can make the best impression you possibly can! So, whatever you do, do NOT do these things!

  1. Chew gum
  2. Wear heavy perfume
  3. Gossip about other sororitiesgreek
  4. Have chipped nail polish
  5. Mumble
  6. Wear too much flashy jewelry
  7. Dress overly sexy
  8. Wear shoes that hurt
  9. Show your nerves
  10. Only talk about yourself
  11. Have zero questions to ask
  12. Wear really heavy make-up
  13. Have body odor
  14. Have bad breath
  15. Be late for rounds
  16. Forget your manners
  17. Have a closed mind
  18. Act arrogant
  19. Admit you’re rushing only because your mother made you
  20. Cause a scene after chapter cuts
  21. Forget names and faces
  22. Talk endlessly about your perfect boyfriend
  23. Brag about how much you party
  24. Get into deep discussions about politics or religion
  25. Take things too personally

We hope that these tips help your rush week to run smoothly! Best of luck!

The Greek Gear Team

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