5 Things You Learn When You #GoGreek

5 Things You Learn When You #GoGreek

Aaahh, the college life. There’s nothing quite like it — especially when you make the awesome and life-changing decision to #GoGreek ! Here are a few things you’ll probably learn when you become a member of a fraternity or sorority:


You learn how to make a MEAN grilled cheese sandwich. When you’re trolling around the kitchen late at night looking for something to eat, there’s two ingredients you’ll almost always find in there — cheese and bread! You know what that means: grilled cheese time! Slap the cheese inside of two slices of bread and fire up the gas stove. Don’t forget to use a small plate to press it down. Pair it with a bowl of Ramen noodles and the night is complete.

Don’t register for any 8am classes on Fridays. One thing you’ll learn when you go Greek is that weekends officially start on Thursday around 2pm. The best socials usually happen on Thursday night at fraternity and sorority houses up and down the row. So do yourself a favor and avoid taking any 8am classes on Friday if at all possible!

You gotta protect your para. One thing you’ll learn when you start buying Greek Gear is that you have to keep a close eye on your para — especially the really good stuff, like engraved paddles and your bedazzled lettered tees. There’s a little game some chapters like to play called the “para game” where your paraphernalia could suddenly end up missing and on display in someone else’s dorm room!

The real hard work begins when you become a member. If you thought that the end of the bidding and recruitment process meant that it’s time to party 24/7, you’re going to learn really quickly that the real work begins once you become an official member of a fraternity or sorority. You’ve got weekly chapter meetings to attend, events to plan, budgets to manage and most of all you’ve got to represent your org everywhere you go on campus. But what’s great about all of this is that it teaches you life-long lessons about how to manage your time and handle your business.


Your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers are connected to you for life. You may think that once you graduate the Greek experience is over and you’re never going to see these people again, but that’s just not so — you are going to be in touch with some (maybe all) of your frat brothers and sorors for many years to come. You’ll stay connected through email lists, homecoming events, alumni events and important life events like weddings and baby showers. Face it — you’re stuck with them for life!

There are so many great things about going Greek, which is probably why fraternity and sorority membership is linked to higher well-being for college grads. One thing is for certain – it’s an experience that you’ll never forget and won’t likely regret!

#GoGreek !

The Greek Gear Team

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