42 Summer Must-Do’s

If you want to have a lively summer with friends but already ran out of things to do, we came up with plenty of activities and challenges! Accomplish these with a group of friends and you’re guaranteed to have an enjoyable and eventful summer!

  1. Leave a positive note on someones windshield
  2. Water gun fight
  3. Watch as many Disney movies as possible
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Local outdoor concertIMG_8365
  6. Go hiking
  7. Dance in the rain
  8. Giant Slip ’n Slide (paint can be added)
  9. Learn to play an instrument
  10. Sleep on a trampoline
  11. Put glow sticks in a pool and have a night swim
  12. Pool hop with friends
  13. Leave a note in a library book
  14. Put glow sticks in water bottles for nighttime bowling
  15. Road trip with your sorority sisters or childhood
  16. Explore your city
  17. Go green and plant somethingIMG_7248
  18. Play frisbee (or frisbee golf)
  19. Start a DIY
  20. Go Kayaking
  21. Volunteer at a nursing home
  22. Stargaze
  23. Backyard movie night
  24. Paint balloon darting
  25. Go thrift shopping
  26. Give 100 compliments in one day
  27. Have a photoshoot (with glitter??)
  28. Doodle on a pair of white shoes
  29. Go paint balling in old dresses
  30. Fill water guns with water colors and have a fight in white clothes
  31. Host a bake off
  32. Learn how to skateboard
  33. Go cliff jumping
  34. Watch a drive-in movie
  35. Use a fake name at Starbucks
  36. Learn sign language
  37. Learn how to surfScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 3.28.14 PM.png
  38. Buy a homeless person a full meal
  39. Sleep in a blanket fort
  40. Learn how to dance
  41. Make your mother breakfast in bed
  42. Go Paddle boarding

Be safe, have fun, and enjoy your summer festivities!

~The Greek Gear Team