How to Feel Prepared for College this Fall

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  1. Do your research

Find out basic information about the class subjects so that you don’t go into a class blindsided.  Read class and professor reviews (a good site for this is or just ask former students about their experience.

  1. Start a sleep schedule

Set your alarm for a little earlier each day until you reach that college wake up time… if you tell yourself it’s not THAT early you might believe it! This alarm technique will help you feel alert and ready to start class on the first day of school.books

  1. Stay organized

Rent or buy the books you need EARLY to get better rates.  Try setting aside clothes you’re taking so that they feel newer when you unpack. Buy a planner/calendar for important dates and your class schedule.

  1. Set a budget 

Record big monthly expenses like car payment, phone bill, and tuition.Set aside money for: entertainment, clothing shopping, beauty products, gas, and charity. Find ways to cut back, and search for job opportunities that easily coincide with your class and study schedules.

5. Find time to relax

Free up a week or a couple days to do things that you love before life gets too busy for you to do them!

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We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, knowing you are prepared for another exciting semester at college!


~The Greek Gear team