Setting up for Success in College Courses

What you need:

  • Two 1-2 inch binders depending on the amount of classes you are taking
  • Sheet protectors or clear dividers with pockets (one for each class)
  • Plastic sleeve or folder to hold papers for each class
  • Important dates printable
  • Printer/Printer paper
  • Loose leaf college ruled paper
  • One sturdy folder

Use one binder for Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes and the other for Tuesday/Thursday classes!

IMG_8874Print off cute binder decor sheets and class divider sheets! You can find some here:

If you save these images and put them on a word document you can create a text box and type the title over the image.

Each class gets a clear sheet protector for the class name printout, a plastic sleeve to store handouts in, and a pile of looseleaf paper for notes.


Each binder gets an important dates printable to keep track of upcoming tests or large assignments/essays


Use a sturdy folder to store all your homework in…this helps you to find all assignments quickly and easily!

Keep extra plastic sleeves to store class syllabi and calendars

Now you are prepared to be that successful student you’ve always wanted to be! We wish you the best of luck this school year!

~The Greek Gear Team

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