8 Reasons Why You Should Rush


No matter what personality you have, there is a sense of belonging in a sorority. This is a great way to find a family away from home who has similar interests as you!



Sorority sisterhood brings unforgettable memories that non-greeks just cannot replicate. You get to experience the excitement of bid day, cherish-able moments with your Big or Little, and crazy “Greek Week” activities.635971993802818972-995206816_aopi-nm-2


Never Bored

There is almost always an activity to look forward to and someone who is up for a night out or a chill movie. There are also fun mixers and trademark Greek activities that are unique to the sorority you join.


Educational Focus

Among the many office positions available, vice president of academics is normally included. The officers may check grades and provide assistant to sisters who need touring. There are plenty of opportunities for you to thrive academically.


Social Development

There are so many opportunities to develop strong communication skills and make connections. You will be personally challenged through fun activities and encouraging people. Many people meet loyal life-long friends.



What’s better than working with some of your favorite people for a wonderful cause? Philanthropy is a huge part of being Greek. Sororities raise thousands of dollars for causes like Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Service for Sight, Read Lead Achieve, the American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and many more.



When you join a sorority, you join a large network of people of all ages. This may open up doors for future job or volunteering opportunities. Sororities aren’t the only ones with vast networking capabilities. Greek co-ed fraternities and sororities have many opportunities for specific majors or interest groups to expand their social network.



As you get more comfortable in a sorority, there will be opportunities to lead. Some important leadership roles are President, Vice President, Vice President of Activities, Vice President of Finances, and Vice President of Standards. Taking on leadership roles is a great way to boost your resume for future employers!