How to be the Best Big!


Bigs have BIG responsibility. You are there for your little for the ups and downs of college. Bigs are littles’ college mother figures, giving encouragement for dreaded finals week, wiping their tears after a harsh breakup, celebrating their successes, and advising them when important decisions arise.

Don’t be disappointed if you aren’t instant BFFs with your little. Your sorority chose them which means you probably have more in common than you think. Find a topic that you both are passionate about and keep building from there. Good friendships take a long time to create; be patient and keep showing her how much you care.

Treat your little with something thoughtful. A well-thought gift is worth way more than an expensive one. Find out what colors she likes, what her passions are, and some of her favorite foods! Find your inner craftiness and the nearest discount store and make the most out of the budget you have.

Here are some simple ideas!

Bulletin board with pictures of fun memories

Fresh flowers

Mason jar with candy inside

Door hanger

Lip gloss

Nail polis

Build-a-bear/stuffed animal

Favorite candy

Gift card


Cupcake/ homemade baked goods

Hair ties

“Survival kit”

When you are wanting to give a sorority-specific gift, check out for the largest selection of sorority big/little apparel and merchandise! Most items are made to order for a personal touch that won’t break the bank!

Tumbler Cups…sparkle it up!inarush_2447_214335603

Car Decal Necklace, Ring, Bracelet

Wooden Greek Letters

Picture Frame

Pillowcase  inarush_2452_83038751

Towel Wrap

Beach Towel



Hair Bow

PJ Pants

Fanny Pack



Coffee Mug

Makeup Bag

Set of pens and pencils, stickers, sunglasses, stadium cups and decals

Set with Gold Tassel Key Chain, Sparkle Coffee Tumbler and a large glitter tumbler


Happy gifting!

~The Greek Gear Team

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