How to Fill That Big/Little Gift Basket

How to Fill That Big/Little Gift Basket

little-t-shirtNow that the Big Sister/Little Sister Reveal is official at your sorority, it’s time to present your new Little Sister with a gift basket that will let her know you will be her mentor, guide, champion and friend. Here are a few tips to help you put together the perfect Little Sis gift. For Little Sisters, introduce yourself by presenting that perfect Big Sis gift basket or box of thoughtful gifts for your new Big Sister.

Choose a theme for your basket. – This will help you focus on items that go together. For example, if your theme is friendship, select a friendship bracelet and add your favorite friendship saying to a custom-printed shirt from Greek Gear. Other themes can center on flowers, sailboats, feathers or your sorority colors

Stick to your budget. Buy the most expensive item first. Then, fill up the rest of your basket with fun buttons, pins, pens, notebooks and other inexpensive items. Your chapter has set a Little Sister budget, but you can stick to it if you choose the “big ticket” item first. For Little Sisters, an expensive gift is not as memorable a carefully selected basket of affordably priced items.

Here are some great, affordable ideas from Greek Gear for gifts that will fill up your Little Sister gift basket.

Click here to see our Greek lettered hooded sweatshirts.

Click here to see our Greek lettered sweatpants.

Who doesn’t need a tote bag on campus and for weekend shopping trips?

Lavalieres are classics. If you don’t think your Lil Sis is the hoodie type, this traditional sorority jewelry will become her first keepsake to celebrate your new friendship. Click here to see Our Greek Sorority Charms & Lavalieres.

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