How to Keep Yourself Looking Fresh During Recruitment

If there’s one thing you’ve probably learned by now as a college student (and also a member of the Greek community), it’s that appearances matter. People, especially potential new members, are always checking you and your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers out on campus, whether you’re eating together in the dining hall or hanging out on the yard. They want to know what’s in style at the moment, and how they can look good too.

This is especially true when recruitment time rolls around. Potentials want to be a part of the coolest and best dressed sorority or fraternity on campus. Here are some ideas for how you can keep yourself looking fresh during recruitment with clothing, shirts, and accessories from Greek Gear.

A New White Tee, Every Day of the Week

You just can’t go wrong with a fresh new white Greek t-shirt (short or long-sleeved) that’s never been worn before. Get one for every day of recruitment week or season with great deals from Greek Gear. A basic Greek lettered tee is always a must have, and you can have the letters printed in multiple different colors when you order it here. To get potential recruits familiar with the history of your organization, wear an old school classic T-shirt during rush season, which you can get for around 10 bucks. Everyone in your chapter should have a white Sorority Love Life T-Shirt. You can easily stock up on fresh white tees for every day of recruitment season and still have cash left over for pizza!

Crisp, Collared Shirts

As a leader in your chapter, your group members are going to look to you to be a beacon of leadership and guidance. Look fresh and ready for anything when you’re leading panels, forms, and community service initiatives in collared shirts and no-wrinkle slacks or skirts. Greek Gear’s collared shirts, including polos, oxfords, and button downs are fine to wear with or without a jacket or blazer. They have a relaxed fit, but are also appropriately formal in appearance to show that you care about making a positive impression in front of a group of people.

Accessories Will Always Matter

People have a tendency to pay a lot of attention to minor details, like the accessories you wear. For example, the Sorority Tassel Gold Key Chain can be added to your keys or the bag you carry to school. When was the last time you treated yourself to a nice new piece of jewelry? Wear Greek-themed silver or gold jewelry to your upcoming recruitment events.

And be sure to schedule a group trip with your sorority sisters to the nail salon before recruitment week so that you’ll all have freshly manicured and painted nails—you can bet that the potentials will definitely notice those details!

Get in “Your Bag”

You can’t look and feel fresh every day on campus during recruitment season when you’re carrying the same ragged, torn bag around that you’ve had for years. Get a freshly made new one that is sim-stitched or imprinted with your sorority or fraternity Greek letters, mascot, or symbol. You can get one that’s predesigned or use the Greek Gear design your own tool from a laptop browser.

There are so many ways that you can keep yourself looking fresh during recruitment this year. Start with these simple ideas and explore the full Greek Gear catalog for more paraphernalia that will have you and your chapter bros or sisters looking on point this upcoming semester.