Greek Week: Make it the Best Week Ever

What is Greek week? It’s the one week out of the month, toward the beginning of the semester, when sorority and fraternity chapters have a chance to celebrate and promote Greek life. It’s also a chance for members to meet potentials. A series of events are held by Greek organizations on campus, ranging from speaking panels to parties to community service initiatives to help facilitate socializing between Greek members and their interests. The office that oversees sorority and fraternity relations is often closely involved with the promotion of Greek week for new students. Here are a few ideas for how you and your sorority sisters or frat brothers can make Greek week the best week ever for your group and potential new members.


Lively, Noteworthy, Timely Panel Topics

Some people look at talking panel events and forums as boring, but they often turn out to be very interesting as long as the topic you choose is timely and relevant to students. Pick a topic for your panel that is high on the mind of kids at your school. For instance:


  • Is online dating still worth the time?
  • How can you juggle school work with a difficult family life?
  • Managing depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues as a student.
  • What can students on campus do each day to help with climate change (recycling, biking to class, etc.)?
  • What myths or rumors have you heard about Greek life?


When you get a lively conversation going at a speaking panel, it will be a moment that your attendees won’t soon forget. They’ll likely begin to look forward to attending more of your events so that they can have their say and get to know you more.


Community Service Awards

People like to feel appreciated and acknowledged. Whichever community service project you choose for Greek week, you can make it even more special and show your appreciation by adding a short award ceremony after the good work is completed. Present a small award to the hardest-working potential new member in attendance, the most thoughtful or personable helper, and of course a special gift for the person who helped you coordinate the event. Some ideas for awards or gifts include custom drinkware, personalizable t-shirts or hoodies, and lasered Greek plaques.


Host a Party and a Pre-Party

Almost every Greek week finishes off with a big party, usually held at the chapter house. Consider having a two-part party — one early in the evening for special invitees (including the potential new members who you’re interested in), and then a big classic college bash for everyone on campus. Host the pre-party in a reserved area of a local restaurant or lounge, complete with music, a dancing area, and food. If it’s in the budget, get a party van for transporting your group. This will make it easier to bond with potential new members before the main party and make them feel special.


The Best Para on Campus

What you wear to Greek week is almost as important as what you do. Set aside a stash in your chapter budget to order high quality t-shirts, jerseys, hoodies, and other wearable Greek merchandise for each member of your chapter. For instance, the lettered sorority V-neck T-shirt, the Fraternity & Sorority Comfort Colors Garment-Dyed Quarter Zip Sweatshirt, and the Sorority Carson New Englander Rain Jacket for early spring.


Greek week could be the best week ever this year if you start getting ready now. Be sure to consult the Greek Gear team for bulk orders of sorority and fraternity merchandise to help take your parties, events, and campus promotions to the next level.

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