We Can Do More!

Our business was nearly destroyed by the Covid-19 shutdowns.  Colleges were closed and the last thing on peoples minds was ordering Fraternity & Sorority merchandise.  We had to let many from of our team go and barely hung on not knowing what tomorrow would bring.  Three months later, we still are taking things week by week, but something amazing happened in May.  Business started to return.  Business we have always been thankful for, but this time we were so much more aware where it was coming from.  Yes, all groups were ordering, but it was the Divine 9 that helped keep us working.  Their lifelong loyalty and dedication to their organizations and to the Greek system made me even more thankful every day.

I’ve always thought of myself as inclusive and a lover of most people (except those that are unkind), but that is not enough.  We support and buy from Black businesses, we give back to the organizations and I feel we offer incredible customer service, but we can do more.

So today, we will begin by donating to the: https://uncf.org/ways-to-donate, we have spoken to our customer service team to be even more accommodating and understanding to our customers needs.  We do not know the struggles they are facing and we need to be a source of positivity in their lives.  I also will seek out more black businesses to support and buy from, so we can partner together.  I know this is not enough, but it is more that we did yesterday and I hope with each day, we can do more and more to be a part of the solution.

Stay Safe.

Greekgear + GreekU

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