5 Products Greeks Can’t Live Without in the Summertime

When you see this list of 5 products that you and your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers might not be able to live without in the summertime, it might inspire you to pick out a few things before your next outing.

  1. Super Large Beach Towel

If you’ve ever gone to the beach on a 90-degree day, you know how hot it is stepping into that piping hot summer sand. Imagine having to sit on it! That’s why an oversized sorority beach towel is something you ought to have packed in your trunk and ready to go if you’re an official beach bum. If you bring a beach chair, get a striped beach towel for Greeks to drape over it and dry off after a dip in the ocean.

  1. Sorority and Fraternity V-Necks

The last thing you want in a t-shirt when it’s really hot outside is a tight collar that doesn’t allow you to get some air around your neck and shoulders. That’s why a sorority or fraternity v-neck is a must-have for the summertime. GreekGear.com has them in all sorts of colors (for both the t-shirt and your Greek letters) and styles to ensure that you have plenty to grab for road trips, picnics, and barbecues.

  1. Greek Face Masks

In today’s world, we all have a new concern to be aware of every time we walk out of the door. We need to ensure that we protect ourselves and others by wearing face masks when we’re in public and around large groups of people. Order up a box of Greek Face Masks for you and your chapter to wear this summer (while you’re socially distancing outdoors, of course).

  1. A Proper Fraternity or Sorority Visor

You want to feel the wind blowing in your hair, but you don’t necessarily want the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays beaming down on your face all summer long. A Greek visor is the best compromise. It allows you to cover your eyes, forehead, and much of the rest of your face while allowing your hair to air out (or dry out after you’ve left the water).

  1. Easy to Stuff Sorority or Fraternity Tote or Bag

Sure, you have so many ideas of where you and your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers will travel together this summer, but what are you going to carry all of your stuff in? There’s no need to pack up a large luggage bag when you’re road tripping or heading to the beach. All you need is a good tote bag to carry a few colorful sorority or fraternity shirts, a few pairs of shorts, and your most crucial electronics. Check out these sorority and fraternity tote bags from Greek Gear and pick out a few to keep on deck when you’re ready to head out with your crew.

Of course you can technically live without them, but these 5 Greek-lettered products definitely will make you feel better as you enjoy some sun and fun with your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers this summer. They are also an easy way to promote your organization for the upcoming fall recruitment season.






Keep Doing More

I read every day – I have conversations with my children, co workers and Friends – I see change happening – it makes me feel hopeful and helpless at the same time.  I have learned so much from my children, their acceptance of everyone and their willingness to stand up for what is right.  I am having those hard conversations with others and with myself.

My brother who is in the military told me about a coworker who is black and he asked her if she feels there is racism in the military – she gave a few examples.  How the uniform rules affect her beautiful hair and how affirmative action really works.  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE JUST HANDED THE JOB – YOU HAVE THE SAME SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS, DEGREES & WORK EXPERIENCE AS THE OTHER CANDIDATE – IT IS BASICALLY THE TIE BREAKER FOR EQUALLY QUALIFIED CANDIDATES!  They are not less deserving or given anything – They worked, in many cases harder than the candidate they are up against – So stop giving the elbow nudge and trying to feel better about yourself because someone else equally deserving beat you out.

If you can add to this, please do so in the comments – I am eager to learn and understand.

This post seems like a perfect opportunity to again promote the United Negro College Fund.  Please think about giving.  GIVE HERE!

College tuition hikes and decreasing financial aid have caused more and more students to apply to UNCF for assistance each year.

However, they can only support one out of every 10 students who applies. Therefore, nine out of 10 deserving, ambitious students have to be told “no.” Why? Because they do not have sufficient funds. These students are our future health professionals, social workers, teachers, government policy makers, and military men and women—they are the future prosperity of our nation. We must do more. And with your help they can.


Greekgear + GreekU will continue to donate to the UNCF – We want to continue to become a part of the solution.

Keep Doing More!

Greekgear + GreekU are looking for more black owned business to wholesale Divine 9 merchandise to us!  If you or someone you know runs a black owned Greek business, please send them our way.  We are looking for new items that we can offer to our amazing customers.  Please send us a link to your website and how to open an account.


Be safe.