Is Sorority Rush for Me? – Your Questions, Answered

Sorority rush is a period of time during either the fall or spring semester when sorority chapters choose new potential members. They want to get to know the ladies who may be joining their ranks. Not everyone will be fit for the sorority recruitment process, but if you feel that you may be a good candidate these are some possible questions (and the corresponding answers) you may have.

How Is It Being Around So Many Women All the Time?

One thing that you’ll have to understand is that when you are around a lot of women, there are a variety of personalities that you will encounter. Some sorority sisters will be nice and friendly while others will be difficult and challenging to deal with.

But the great thing about being in a sorority with a lot of women is that you are more likely to meet someone who you really get along with. Many sorority members meet lifelong friends during the rush process and beyond.

How Difficult Is it to Answer Questions Asked by Current Sisters?

During sorority rush and recruitment you should expect to be asked a lot of questions by the current members. They want to get to know you and what you are all about. They want to ensure that you will be a hard-working member of their organization if accepted. Be prepared for questions like “why do you want to join this specific sorority?” That answer will require you to do some research on the background and history of their organization. You’ll also be asked questions about yourself, like how you’re doing in school, and what are your priorities.

Think of it as an informal job interview. If you were accepted into college, you will generally know what to say when you’re being interviewed, so relax and let the words flow. Be honest and authentic. Also, be prepared with solid questions of your own to ask members.

How Long Does the Sorority Rush Process Usually Take?

The length of the sorority rush process varies depending on the organization and chapter. But in a lot of cases you can expect for it to last for at least a couple of weeks. Be prepared to spend a lot of time attending sorority-hosted events during that period.

How Can I Improve My Chances of Getting a Bid?

Be yourself. Do not feel that you have to put on an act in order to impress the members, because they can see right through that. Always dress to impress, smell good, and take care of the details (such as hair, nails, and light makeup), but don’t overdo it. Try to make a strong connection with at least one of the members, who will most likely advocate for you in the bid selection process.

What is the Most Exciting Part of Rushing a Sorority?

Young women join sororities for all sorts of reasons, but the main reason is that they want to be social and have an exciting experience while in college. One of the most exciting parts of rushing a sorority is that you get to meet new people who you may not have met under any other circumstances on campus. You have a chance to expand your social skills, which will help you in the future. And of course, there are the parties and gatherings you’ll be expected to attend with a sea of women wearing their colorful sorority paraphernalia and Greek lettered clothing.

Hopefully some of your questions about sorority rush and whether it is right for you have been answered here. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to know a large group of women who you might fall in love with.

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