How to Accessorize Your Sorority Recruitment Outfit

Details matter, especially when you are in a room full of sorority women. Women tend to have a knack for noticing small things, like a pretty pedicure, a cute pair of earrings, or a purse that perfectly matches your belt or shoes. You might have your outfits lined up for sorority recruitment week, but no outfit is quite complete without the ideal accessories. No matter how you choose to dress for your upcoming Greek recruitment event, there are a few sorority accessories that you’ll want to have on deck.

Stylish Sorority Bracelets

You’ll likely be spending a lot of time talking to potential new members at sorority recruitment events. When we talk in these settings, we tend to use our hands to accentuate our points and add personality to the conversation. So, wear a cute sorority bracelet on your wrist that displays your Greek letters, symbols, or mascot. Some bracelets also make a gentle jingling sound that attracts people to you. One or two bracelets should be sufficient — you might want to pick out an array of options to wear throughout sorority recruitment season. You’ll probably get a lot of comments when you wear this Silver Dangle Bracelet or a Sorority Mascot Jewel Bracelet.

An Elegant Sorority Lavalier

Lavaliers are necklace charms that have traditionally been passed from fraternity members to their girlfriends as a symbol of their dedication. The charm displays the organization’s Greek letters vertically (sometimes called a drop necklace), diagonally or horizontally. But you don’t have to wait for a guy to give you one — you can order one for yourself displaying your own Greek letters. Some sorority lavaliers are silver, some are gold, and others have delightful accents like Swarovski crystals. If one of your sorority recruitment outfits includes a V-neck sweater or blouse, that is a perfect opportunity to wear your drop necklace. It will glimmer, shine, and attract plenty of attention from PNMs.

Lettered Wallet or Purse

When you’re walking around the venue at your sorority recruitment event and meeting new people, you’re probably going to need something to carry literature, as well as personal items. Make sure you’re holding a cute little sorority bag that matches your recruitment outfit and includes images or letters that identify the organization you belong to. You’ll probably love the Mini Sorority Jute Bag, which is small and compact, yet large enough to hold important items throughout the day. Best of all, it’s designed with your sorority crest and colors.

Mask Up, Sorority Style

At a time when it is crucial to be safe and protect yourself as well as others, there may be no better accessory than a sorority mask. These masks are uniquely designed for each sorority organization, including the official colors and letters. Masks have become sort of a fashion statement. Unique designs allow you to stand out from the crowd while looking like a responsible and sensible sorority member. Make sure that you and all your fellow chapter sisters have a mask to wear at all of your upcoming recruitment events this semester.

Remember the little details when you are planning your sorority recruitment outfits for the upcoming semester. Choose accessories that are not only cute but also pay homage to your Greek organization. First impressions are everything, and you should make every effort to look your best when meeting potential recruits.

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