10 Essential Things You Must Have During Sorority Recruitment

Recruitment season for sororities is a time that can quickly become overwhelming and chaotic, which is why it’s so important to plan ahead. It’s best to focus on the most important details first and order what you need in advance to ensure you’ll be ready in time. Consider these 10 essential things that you must have during sorority recruitment so that you can hit the ground running this spring or fall semester.

Party Favors and Gift Sets

It’s common courtesy to send your guests home from a party with favors and gifts that will help them remember you and your organization. And these items don’t have to cost much — just little trinkets that potentials can put on their desks or in their cars to remind them of the day they attended your recruitment event. That might include keychains, little notepads, or even personalized sorority tumbler cups or drinking glasses.

Matching Lettered Jackets (Fall Recruitment)

Greek letter jackets are as cool as they are practical. When people see you and all your fellow chapter sisters around campus wearing the same jacket or pullover with your brightly colored sorority letters etched across the back, it is sure to be memorable. You may be surprised by how many people show up to your interest meetings.

Sorority Themed Decorations

When you’re throwing a proper sorority recruitment event, it isn’t enough to just book a room and arrange seating. You must decorate it with your sorority colors, letters, and themes. Order custom Greek-themed balloons, signs, and tablecloths. Create an area that features some of your chapter’s favorite sorority paraphernalia and photos from the past.

Creative Ice Breaking Activities

It is essential to have a list of ice-breaking activities prepared for your upcoming recruitment events. If they become new members, they are going to spend a lot of time together over the next four years. So, it is important to see how your potentials get along with each other and the current sisters. Here are a few ideas:

  • Ask each person in the room to give their name and a fun or funny fact about themselves. Laughter is always a good way to break the ice.
  • Partner each person in the room randomly and ask them to write a short story, one or two paragraphs long. This will allow you to see who has a sense of humor or a creative mind, which is great for social committees or public relations.
  • Prepare questions about your sorority or about details that have been discussed at the event and offer a prize for whoever gets the most correct answers. A good competitive game that involves a lucrative prize is a good way to gauge the various personalities in the room.

Recruitment Tees in Various Designs

Think of all the many occasions during recruitment season when you are going to host potential new members. That includes at parties, on campus social gatherings, community service projects, and outdoor barbecues. Make sure you and your sisters have plenty of t-shirts in various designs and colors. The more variety the better. Not to mention, these t-shirts will live on well past your college years, like a collection of memories.

Sorority Buttons and Pins

It can be difficult to distinguish sorority members from interests at recruitment affairs. That’s why it’s important for each initiated sister to wear a special sorority pin or button. Whether it’s a simple button imprinted with your Greek letters or a lapel pin, potential new members will know you’re the point of contact if they have questions about your organization.

Invitations and Stationery

Throughout the recruitment process, you will have to send notes and invitations to potential new members. Stock up on sorority stationery with your Greek symbols and letters as well as specially designed invitations. Also, remember to grab a box of pens and pencils that identify your sorority affiliation to use and distribute at events.

Plenty of Face Masks

At a time when it is so important to protect your health and that of others, it is important for you and all your chapter sisters to stay masked up. You could be hosting dozens of potential new members at your events. So, make sure you have a box of Greek-lettered masks — at least two for each member in your official sorority colors. And of course, encourage attendees to wear masks as well.

Table and Event Signs

How will anyone know about your recruitment events if you don’t let them know with proper sorority signage and banners? At the minimum, you’ll need a customized banner imprinted with details about your upcoming affair, a sign to hang in front of tables and podiums, and a general sorority banner that includes your Greek letters, chapter name, and founding date.

An Open Mind

When you’re navigating the process of recruiting new members into your sorority, it’s important to have an open mind. There are going to be girls who are nervous, girls who may feel the need to try to go above and beyond to impress, and some interests who just rub you the wrong way at first, but remember that recruitment is the perfect time to get to know them better. Maintain a positive mindset and look deeper to find the good in every potential new recruit.

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