Our Go-To Lunch Recipes for College Students

A lot of students skip lunch because they have so much going on during the average day on campus. But in many cases, lunch is the most important meal when you’re in college. It bridges your morning with your evening classes and obligations, especially if you are going to have to spend hours at fraternity and sorority recruitment events. While the most important consideration is that your meals are healthy, you also want them to be quick and easy to make to save time. Here are some of our go to lunch recipes for college students that you can easily prepare at your chapter house or possibly even in your dorm room on campus.

Note: If you can, invest in an air fryer because it will make preparing easy lunches even more of a breeze.

Simple Tuna Melt

Everyone knows how to make tuna salad. A can of tuna, a bit of mayo, maybe some celery or onions (or both), salt and pepper. Turn it into a melt by adding a slice of cheese on top and putting it in the toaster oven or air fryer on a slice of bread or bagel. You can save the leftovers and make another melt in minutes for tomorrow’s lunch.

Pita Pizza

It can be fun to have a pizza night with your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers, where you make a dough from scratch and load it with toppings. But when you’re stopping by your dorm room between classes, you don’t have much time for making a classic pizza. Instead, make a pita pizza.

Get a slice of pita bread (or even a soft tortilla would work) and make a quick pizza for the toaster oven or your air fryer. Add tomato sauce, cheese, and healthy toppings like broccoli, spinach, and mushrooms if you have them. It should take about 15 minutes to make.

Cucumber, Tomato, and Mozzarella Salad

Sometimes you just want something light and healthy to eat for lunch. A cucumber and tomato salad is not only loaded with good stuff to keep you going throughout the day as you head from class to class, it’s also refreshing, delicious and takes minutes to prepare. When you add mozzarella chunks it becomes a fuller meal. Just chop everything up and mix with a spoon.

It’s best to prepare this salad the night before and refrigerate so that all you have to do is scoop some into a bowl, drizzle with your favorite dressing (Italian or Balsamic is the preferred choice), and enjoy it while you catch up on some reading between classes.

Healthy Fries and Guacamole

The fries at your favorite fast food restaurant may be very tasty, but they are loaded with unhealthy ingredients that can make you sluggish, and you need every bit of energy for your school work and Greek life activities. You can make your own healthy fries. Slice a potato into fries or wedges, squeeze out any excess moisture, and spray with olive oil. Put it into the toaster oven or air fryer and cook for about 20-25 minutes on 375 degrees. Meanwhile, make a quick guacamole by mashing up a ripe avocado with salt and lime. If you have an onion add a bit of that too. Once your fries are done dip them in your guacamole for a healthy potassium-packed lunch.

It’s worthwhile to set aside some time to create a weekly list of lunch ideas that you can easily and quickly prepare. A good healthy lunch will help keep your mind sharp as you attend late afternoon lectures and plan fraternity and sorority activities for the semester.

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