10 Sorority Recruitment Outfits You Need to Add into Your Rotation

Every time potentials see you on campus, you should be dressed appropriately and to impress because how you look is a representation of your sorority. Look at this list of sorority recruitment outfits that you need to add to your rotation. 

For Official Business (Panels and Forums)

Potential recruits will tend to take you more seriously when you are wearing an outfit that makes it clear that you are businesslike and in charge. A sorority blazer featuring your Greek letters is a must-have in your rotation. Wear it with a white collared shirt or sorority polo underneath and a pair of slacks and you’re ready to meet your public.

Bid Day Casual

On bid day, the day when you finally let potential recruits know that they have been chosen as a candidate, you want to look cool, casual, and fun. It’s an exciting moment, and the perfect chance to wear a colorful sorority t-shirt with large Greek letters and a pair of relaxed khaki pants.

Laid Back and Cute When It’s Party Time

When it’s time to party, you want to feel relaxed and look good. Pick up a Greek tank top (preferably in white so that you’ll be noticeable in a dim party room) or a tie dye tee for sorority members, and a pair of boyfriend jeans.

The “Welcome Freshwomen” Barbecue

The welcome back to school BBQ, which is often thrown by sororities to welcome freshmen to campus is the time when you want to wear as much para as possible, especially your letters. You also want to wear something that you will not be angry about staining with barbecue sauce. A simple Greek tee with your sorority letters imprinted on the front is a good choice along with some shorts, skorts, or a cute skirt.

The Sorority Sleepover 

Even something as simple as a sleepover becomes a fashion party when you’re in a sorority. When you host your next sleepover with potential recruits for the semester, you might want to have a few sorority sleepover clothes to choose from. Don’t forget to pick out a pair of matching Greek lettered slippers.

The Tea Party

Some sororities like to hold tea parties with their potential new members as a way to get to know them and ask them questions in a more intimate setting. This is a good time to get dressed up and wear some lovely sorority jewelry, and one of your favorite belted dresses. If possible pick a dress in one or both of your official sorority colors.

Formal or Cocktail Party Gear

It’s difficult to explain the excitement that builds up to a sorority or fraternity formal. You’ll spend time in department stores and shops looking for the perfect party dress and shoes. This is the chance to really dress things up and show how classy and fashionable you are.

What to Wear to the Dining Hall

It’s hard to miss a sorority member in the dining hall when she is wearing a Greek lettered jacket or sorority sweatshirt.  Some jackets come with your Greek letters imprinted on the back in twill letters—you can bet that interests will be curious about what they stand for, and possibly make their way over to your table for a chat.

Dorm Dance or Step Show

Some sorority chapters do impromptu dances, step shows, or displays in the dorms to let everyone know that they are recruiting. Pick from a variety of sorority t-shirt designs in fun colors with your symbols and sayings.

White Dress for Ceremonies

For many sororities, there will come a time when recruits are to be initiated. During many of these initiation ceremonies, it will be necessary for you to have a white dress. Make sure you have one or two in your closet, as well as a pair of white pumps.

Make sure you have these 10 sorority recruitment outfits in your rotation for the upcoming semester so that you’ll always be prepared with something nice to wear.

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