Summertime Greek Life Checklist

1.  Stay connected to sisters/brothers though social media.

Check-in on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Snapchat to see what your sisters/brothers have done with their summer. When you stay connected to your campus family through the summer, you will feel better acquainted and able to pick up conversations easier in the Fall.

  1. Hang out with the people who live close to you and experience each other’s 6359176882095207691463940799_53925-Home-Is-Where-The-Heart-Ishometown favorites.

            Share the love! It is fun to share hometown traditions and reminisce ab

out the past to college friends. Before you leave home, be sure to visit a friend in their hometown and ask someone to come visit you!



  1. Shop for new clothes while they are on sale

            Many stores are currently having back to school sales. Take advantage of this and stock upon formal-wear, rush clothes, and essential accessories!

  1. Budget

            Set a budget for the chapter dues that will be coming your way in the Fall. Make sure you have enough money for Big/little gifts and any other fun expenses.

  1. Make goals for yourself, your chapter, and your school year

           Whether one admits it or not, goals keep people on track! Fall goals add excitement to the summer and give you direction when the busy semester starts.


Travel Tips

Whether you are staying close to home or venturing far across the oceans, we would like you to be prepared to travel with ease and enjoyment. Here are a few tips to keep things affordable and fun!


Before you leave:

  • Read Traveler Reviews
  • Pack comfortable walking shoes
  • Pack light (you can always do laundry and buy new clothes when you arrive)
  • Email or print your itinerary (if you don’t have one, make one!) This will have:
    • hotel information, phone numbers, attractions, and transportation info.
  • Add your destination’s weather to the weather app
  • Roll, don’t fold clothes- prevents most wrinkles and saves space





  • Look over TSA guidelines before packing and make sure you are adhering to the luggage guidelines of the airline.
  • If possible, check-in as soon as you can to get the best boarding time
  • Pack hand sanitizer and use it after touching your seat and accessories.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Copy of your passport in case you lose it
  • Pack extra zip lock bags
  • Never check-on essential items
    • (Passport, keys, credit card, ID)

While Traveling

  • Pack snacks! Snacking allows for less stops for food and is more affordable if prepared beforehand rather than bought at a gas station.
  • Wear layered clothes while traveling so that the difference in temperature from place to place doesn’t catch you by surprise.


Once you arrive…

  • Find a local grocery store and buy food. This method is usually a lot more cost effective than eating out.
  • First thing you should do is pull back the sheets and look for traces of bedbugs. Never put your bag on the bed but put is on something elevated. Avoid puttingclothes into the dresser drawers.
  • If abroad, instead of calling friends/family back home. Use FaceTime or FaceTime audio when you have wifi.
  • Use Apps to help pass the time and to find more resources for maps, reviews, and travel guides.


We wish you safe travels and fun-filled adventures!

~The Greek Gear Team

Get Ready for Graduation!


You did it! You survived the all-nighters, the rushed last minute papers, the caffeine dependent days, and the occasional freak outs about the ability to graduate. All along the way, you enjoyed developing life-long relationships with a greek family, dressing up for formals, and going on adventures with friends. Now is the time to begin preparing for goodbyes and hellos, the end of one chapter, and the beginning of a new and exciting time of life.

Grad Gifts: Give your sisters/brothers some chapter memorabilia to remember all the good times. Show them how valuable your friendship is, right now and beyond.




Get Creative: Decorate your cap as a de-stress activity before a busy finals week. Here are some ideas to get you started




Graduation Day Necessities: Make sure your chapter has ordered honor cords and stoles to honor and recognize you and your fellow brothers/sisters who made a difference in the group.



Now you may feel little more prepared for the big day! Be sure to treasure every moment you have left and to capture many pictures of this exciting time while you can.


~The Greek Gear Team

Valentines Date Night Ideas


Are you tired of going on the same type of dates? The usual movie, dinner, and ice cream are getting old and you need some fresh ideas! We’ve got you covered!

Whipped Cream fight

Go outside on a plastic table cloth and fire away!

Drive-In movie

Feel like Danny and Sandy on an old-fashioned adventure.


Re-create your first date

Outfits, conversations, and location, flash back to the very first date!

Cook something exotic together

Find some old cookbooks or odd Pinterest boards, go to the grocery store, and bust out the aprons.

Take a dance class

Find a studio that teaches ballroom dancing, Zumba, salsa, or some other type of dance that will get you up and moving!

Go on a scavenger hunt

Start by thinking of the significant places in your lives. Write clues about those places in creative ways. Hide the clues and watch your significant other struggle on their hunt


Take a hike

There is something calming about being around natural beauty. Get your adrenaline pumping and your camera ready!

~The Greek Gear team

Successful Bid Day Planning

Bid Day Planning Tips
Bid day banner.png
Being in charge of Bid Day at your sorority is a big responsibility. Your sorority will be inviting women to become new sisters on a day that can mark the start of lifelong friendships. How can you make this day truly memorable? Here are a few smart tips from the pros at Greek Gear to make candidates feel welcome before they accept the “bid” to join your chapter.

Start Early. The minute you learn the date of Bid Day, grab your calendar and set a date for that first planning meeting. Even months in advance, that first meeting will set the tone for a leader who is in charge from the get-go. Invite your most creative and hardest-working sisters to form your Bid Day committee. If you delegate roles early, your sisters will have more time to plan a truly memorable event.

Create a budget.  Ask your active sisters how much they are willing to pay for T-shirts and other Bid Day goodies. Ask your House treasurer to be on your committee to keep you on track and on budget. Make a list of everything you want, and then start whittling away it until you have met your budget. Now you won’t be tempted to add expensive goodies in coming weeks. Most Bid Day events involve small, economically priced gifts that you can find in one place at the website.

Choose a theme. With your budget in hand, you’ll be less likely to choose a theme that will involve too many expensive decorations and trinkets. Besides, this day is about unity and spirit – not money. Schedule a Bid Day committee meeting to focus just on the theme. Browse through pages of websites like Greek Gear for inspiration.  Greek Gear has been the go-to source for custom sorority jewelry, apparel, party favors, decals and holiday gifts since 1999.

Dress it up. Active members and new sisters can wear the same shirts or shirts in the same style, but in different colors. Choose traditional tees or pretty raglan styles with three-quarter sleeves. Or, design your own shirts with custom screen-printing from Greek Gear. Just before the big day, reward your committee members with a surprise thank-you gift of a beautiful lavaliere. Reward yourself, too, with a lavaliere or charm bracelet with a Greek letter charm to remember this special day

How to Fill That Big/Little Gift Basket

How to Fill That Big/Little Gift Basket

little-t-shirtNow that the Big Sister/Little Sister Reveal is official at your sorority, it’s time to present your new Little Sister with a gift basket that will let her know you will be her mentor, guide, champion and friend. Here are a few tips to help you put together the perfect Little Sis gift. For Little Sisters, introduce yourself by presenting that perfect Big Sis gift basket or box of thoughtful gifts for your new Big Sister.

Choose a theme for your basket. – This will help you focus on items that go together. For example, if your theme is friendship, select a friendship bracelet and add your favorite friendship saying to a custom-printed shirt from Greek Gear. Other themes can center on flowers, sailboats, feathers or your sorority colors

Stick to your budget. Buy the most expensive item first. Then, fill up the rest of your basket with fun buttons, pins, pens, notebooks and other inexpensive items. Your chapter has set a Little Sister budget, but you can stick to it if you choose the “big ticket” item first. For Little Sisters, an expensive gift is not as memorable a carefully selected basket of affordably priced items.

Here are some great, affordable ideas from Greek Gear for gifts that will fill up your Little Sister gift basket.

Click here to see our Greek lettered hooded sweatshirts.

Click here to see our Greek lettered sweatpants.

Who doesn’t need a tote bag on campus and for weekend shopping trips?

Lavalieres are classics. If you don’t think your Lil Sis is the hoodie type, this traditional sorority jewelry will become her first keepsake to celebrate your new friendship. Click here to see Our Greek Sorority Charms & Lavalieres.

Greek Holiday Gift Guide

Make this year’s holiday season the best with great Greek gifts for fraternity brothers and sorority sisters from Greek Gear. We’re America’s one-stop shop for all things Greek. Our gift-giving pros have been creating unique, affordable gift collections since 1999 for Christmas, Hanukkah, spring holidays, summer celebrations, birthdays and other special occasions.

Here is our guide for gift-giving favorites this holiday season.

Greek Hoodies. A lettered hoodiedelta zeta is a perfect Greek holiday gift for cold weather wear. It’s a classic that you can dress up with a matching Greek letter T-shirt.

Greek Blankets. Make the holidays cozy with a blanket that has the organization’s crest and name printed in bold letters on the bottom right corner.

Lavaliers. There’s no time like the holidays to finally present this traditional token of your affection to the woman in your life. It’s a thoughtful gift from a Little Sister to a Big.

Greek Afghans. Buy one for a brother or sister, or buy a Greek crest afghan for the House to hang on the wall. If you’re looking for the perfect Greek holiday gift from the chapter to your advisor or an alumnus who is always there for the chapter, consider a gift of a personalized Greek afghan.

Greek Crewneck Sweatshirts. Keep everyone cozy with a heavyweight fleece crewneck sweatshirt with his or her Greek letters. Customize each with a Greek crest and one line of text.

Greek Jackets. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to send that letter to Santa. We have a wide variety of Greek lettered jacket styles, including the Greek line jacket, classic letterman jacket and the Greek lettered jacket in satin. Customize a jacket purchased as a gift with the recipient’s name.