Winter Formal Tip: How to Walk in Heels

It is every sorority girl’s favorite time of year…Winter Formal time! Winter formal means you get to buy a pretty dress and pretty heels to match. To some girls, the words “high heels” are curse words. Yes, heels can be uncomfortable and a little hard to commandeer at times, but there really IS an art to walking in heels.27107-Keep-Calm-Love-Heels

  1. Start small: You wouldn’t run a marathon without training, would you? I certainly wouldn’t. That is why if you rarely wear heals, don’t reach for the 5 inch stilettos come formal. Start off with a 2 inch heel, just to get familiar with the feeling. If you slowly work your way up you will be rockin those 5 inch heels in no time at all.
  2. If the shoe fits…:  The size DOES matter. You have got to make sure your heels fit right or you are in for a world of hurt. If the shoes are too big you will be walking around awkwardly all night and will probably feel like a clown with huge shoes. If the shoes are too small your feet will feel cramped and you will be feeling the burn. Your foot size changes over the years, so get your feet sized before stepping out in those stilettos.
  3. Take a breather: Take a sit. There is no shame in having a little break from time to time. When you rest frequently it keeps you walking more comfortably.
  4. Pump the breaks: Wearing heels naturally makes your strides shorter, so you have to take more steps than usual. Slow your roll! The faster you try and walk in heels the funnier you look.
  5. Move to a beat: When you are walking in flats do you think about the steps you are taking? Nope. The same goes for walking in heels, don’t over think it! Try and walk to a beat when you are wearing heels. It will help you even your strides and make your walking look effortless.

We hope that these tips will help you walk like Beyonce at your Winter Formal!


The Greek Gear team

Help! It’s Time to Choose a Big!

So you’ve joined a sorority. Good for you! You have just joined a sisterhood that will change your life. Now that you are a member, it is time to choose your Big. What does that even mean? What does that entail? How in the world do I choose? Here’s the skinny:

In a sorority, your Big is an upperclassman member of the chapter that will be your confidon, go-to girl, and pro advice-giver. Preferably, this sorority member should be one that you look up to and feel totally comfortable with. She will be your mentor through your “newbie” stage of being a member of a sorority and will share a special bond with you even after college. Think of these things when choosing a Big.b80ec82135ac99520a62bce9ccda92f1

  1. Who do you see as someone who could be your mentor as an initiated member?
  2. Who do you want to share special moments with throughout your college experience?
  3. In your chapter, who do you look up to?
  4. Is there a member that has an officer position that you think you would like to have one day?
  5. Is this woman a person who is only fun on the weekends or is she someone who is consistent and accountable to put you in your place if you start to slip?

These are all great attributes to look for in your future Big. You want someone who will support you and lead you. Your Big will be someone that will encourage you in both your sorority and your schooling as well as your career.

No matter who your Big ends up being, value the relationship and appreciate the new bond. You were put together for a reason! Getting a Big is an exciting time, so cherish every member of this new experience!


The Greek Gear Team


Greek Life: Famous Women Who Were in Sororities

Did you know that according to USA today, all but three US Presidents since 1825 have been members of a fraternity? Also, 85% of Fortune 500 executives were involved in Greek life. How about the females in sororities? Lets see, the first female astronaut was in a sorority, the first female senator, and, most importantly, Elle Woods! I had no idea so many famous women got their start in sororities! Here are a few more leading ladies that got their starts in Greek life and went on to do great things.

Katie Couric

Katie was a member of Delta Delta Delta at the University of Virginia. All you Tri-Delts out there, you are in good company!Katie_Couric_a_p

Condoleeza Rice

Condoleeza joined the Alpha Chi Omega sorority while she was a piano/poli sci major. This worked perfectly for her because Alpha Chi was a sorority with musical origins.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade went to Arizona State University where she majored in journalism. Spade was an Omega member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. I personally LOVE anything Kate Spade! Totally adorable.


Sara Blakely

You may not know this name right off the bat, but you will be singing her praises when I tell you who she is. She is the creator of Spanx! The world’s best way to suck it all in when you need to well, suck it all in! She is the youngest woman to be on the cover of Forbes’ Billionaire list and was a member of Delta Delta Delta at Florida State University.


We hope you have learned more about some of the leading ladies who got their start in sororities! They are such an inspiration.


The Greek Gear Team

Greek Life: Best Friend Date Ideas

We all have that one girlfriend that we just cannot live without. She’s the peanut to your jelly and the milk to your Oreo. She just “gets” you, plain and simple. Whether you are a workin’ woman or nose deep in planning for the next sorority event, you should always make time for your BFF. How can you show her you love her? By taking her on a date, of course! Dates aren’t just for you and your man candy, they are for your bestie, too! Here are some handy date ideas for you and your BFF:

  1. Start a TV series together: what I mean is, pick out a TV series on Netflix or on TV and make it a point to watch keep-calm-and-date-your-bestfriend-2episodes together. Don’t watch it without one another, that way you are motivated to spend time with each other! And, as an added bonus, you two will be on the same page when it comes to the show and you can have fun discussing it together!
  2. Make a best friend bucket list: come up with things that you are dying to do together. It can be anything from skydiving to vacationing in Hawaii! Be creative!
  3. Cook each other dinner: take turns cooking each other your favorite meal. Why YOUR favorite meal? So they can learn more about what YOU love, even if it is just your favorite dish!

Next time you feel like spoiling your sister from another mister, take her out on a date! Treat her right, and get her home before curfew. 😉

The Greek Gear Team

Using your Sorority Experience to Find Jobs

Graduation is fast approaching, which also means that the job market is beckoning! When most college students graduate, they jump into interview mode, trying to find the best job they can. Lucky for you, your sorority experience will boost your marketability and make you a hot candidate for a lot of jobs! Here are a few tips on how to use your sorority experience to land a great job, and a few interview tips for along the way.

  1. Maintain your network of sisters. You never know when a fellow sorority sister may be able to help you land a great job at a growing business, or maybe even just put a good word in for you to a prospective employer. Use your vast connections to your advantage! How do you think 48% of all US presidents got to where they are? They were Greek! They used their connections to get to where they wanted to go.drew_interviewtip14
  2. Walk the walk. Sororities teach you how to dress the part for any situation, which comes in handy during job interview time. They teach you to look your best when it counts! In an interview, the best way to dress is classy. Get a feel for the business, see what kind of attire they gravitate towards, and base your interview attire off of what you observe.
  3. Build a strong resume. You would be surprised at all of the sorority events you can add to your resume! Businesses love to see people who have experience in handling budgets, can manage a group, and can also build a successful marketing campaign. These are all skills that planning events and recruitment can teach you! Use your sorority experiences to your advantage. You worked hard, let it be known!

We hope that these tips help you land a great job that will help you grow both as am individual and a member of society. We also congratulate you on your upcoming graduation and wish you the best.

Good luck!

The Greek Gear Team

Greek Chic: Hello, Spring!

Happy spring, Greeks!

Our team here at Greek Gear is welcoming spring with open arms. Why? Because we have the perfect products to help any Greek jump into warm weather with both feet in! Today I am going to show you a few examples of our warm weather merchandise that is sure to get you excited for days when it is sunny and 75.

First, we have the Sorority Polka Dot Flip Flops. These sandals are a super adorable way to reign in the warm weather! They are customized to your represent your house colors and have your sorority’s letters displayed on the strap. They are super durable and have thick soles so they will last you forever! A few sisters have compared them to walking on a cloud! It doesn’t get any better than that, folks.


Next we have the sorority sunglasses. The best way to represent your sorority is to wear your letters on your face!…Or more specifically on your eyes! Our Sorority Wayfarer sunglasses have your letters right on the lens so you can easily show your house pride. We have another style of sunglasses that have regular dark lenses and have your letters/sorority name printed on the sides. These come in pink, white, green, hot pink, purple, and yellow! Baseball season is fast approaching, which means sitting in the sun while watching the boys run those bases. Slip on a pair of our chic shades to shelter your eyes!


Finally, we have our oh-so-popular Tervis Tumbler! Fill this baby up with ice and your favorite beverage, set it next to your lounge chair, and soak up some sun. The great thing about this tumbler is that, not only does it show off your sorority letters, it also keeps your drinks nice and cold and reduces that annoying drippy condensation! You can add a lid of your favorite color to your tumbler if you are a sister who is constantly on the run. Another great thing about these handy dandy cups? They are made in the good ‘ole US of A.


Happy shopping!

The Greek Gear team